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Wednesday, December 19, 2012


From time to time I still like to log into STO and play for a bit. As the message above will indicate I have been having some difficulty in accessing STO and the website. The spinning wheel of submission you see has been doing so for the past 10 minutes now and it is my second attempt.

To sum up the problem

1. I am unable to log into STO.
2. I am unable to access the website. 
3. I am unable to submit a trouble ticket to the support system.

Makes you wonder just how far or how long someone should go to use a product. What makes this even more aggravating is the fact that I had just logged into STO 3 days ago without any problems, but from time to time I get stuck with their obviously flawed account linking system. Anyone else ever have similar problems?

Oh and I just checked again and the wheel is still spinning.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

WOT New American Tanks for 8.2

American tankers are getting a new line of tanks in this series of auto loading, fast attack tanks. Check out the video below.