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Monday, April 16, 2012

SWTOR Patch 1.2 Legacy Notes Part Two Crews, Proffessions and More

You can see the first part here, which includes information on class changes.

Companion Characters


    • Companion gifts are now stackable.
    • The cooldown associated with giving companions gifts has been removed. Giving a gift now has a 3-second activation time.
    • Several game areas where Companion Characters would not reliably follow the player have been fixed.
    • The C2 Droid Corporation and their competitors, the 2V Droid Corporation, have developed a series of new sensors for their products, the C2-N2 and 2V-R8, that significantly improve the Droids' Crew Skill efficiency and critical success chances. These products may be purchased via the Legacy Repair Astromech unit on the player's ship (once unlocked).
    • Additionally, the C2-N2 and 2V-R8 Droids have had their personality matrices upgraded with an experimental emotional response chip, allowing them to accept gifts and tokens of appreciation. The Crew Skill performance of these units will increase upon acceptance of these goods.
    • C2-N2 and 2V-R8 have been reprimanded and now vocalize less frequently on personal starships.
    • Tooltips for the companion abilities "Burst," "Aimed Blast," "Swipe," "Wild Energy," and "Blaster Sweep" now correctly reflect ability functionality.
    • All companion marriages are now removed appropriately if the marriage ends.
    • Corrected an issue that caused weapons to display inappropriately beneath some Droid companions (like T7).


      Akaavi Spar
      • The Codex entry for this companion now lists the companion's correct primary weapon.
      Aric Jorgan
      • Corrected an issue that could allow a female trooper whose romance with him had ended to receive an additional romance conversation.
      • New companion skins for Aric Jorgan are available as reward choices in the game.
      Ashara Zavros
      • Corrected issues that could prevent players from gaining or losing affection in the conversations related to the missions "Peace is a Lie" and "Silent Treatment."
      Corso Riggs
      • Corso Riggs's Harpoon ability has been converted into "Illegal Jet Pack". This ability causes Corso to charge towards the target, dealing damage and immobilizing it for 2 seconds.
      • Crazy Talk: Male characters can now consistently complete this conversation.
      Elara Dorne
      • Strange Circumstances: Corrected an issue that could prevent players from gaining or losing affection during this conversation.
      Ensign Temple
      • Some mission rewards intended for this companion that could not be used have been corrected.
      Jaesa Willsaam
      • Jaesa now uses the correct battle cries for her alignment (light or dark).
      • Jaesa no longer teleports to her target if she uses Force Leap while wielding a double-bladed lightsaber.
      • Jaesa now has the ability "Purity of the Light Side" or "Passion of the Dark Side," which passively increases armor by 30%.
      Kaliyo Djannis
      • Storm now has a 30-meter range and roots targets.
      • It is no longer possible to break up with Kaliyo and still be eligible for romance conversations.
      Khem Val
      • Khem Val's Lightning Punch sound effects now terminate appropriately.
      Kira Carsen
      • Kira now has the ability "Purity of the Light Side," which passively increases armor by 30%.
      • Corrected an issue that allowed players to remain eligible for unlocked romance content after losing romance status with Mako.
      Qyzen Fess
      • New companion skins for Qyzen Fess are now available as reward choices in the game.
      Nadia Grell
      • Nadia now has the ability "Strength in the Force," which passively increases armor by 30%.
      Tanno Vik
      • The Codex entry for this companion now lists the companion's correct primary weapon.
      • Time to Think: This mission now properly rewards experience.
      • A Son's Duty: Corrected an issue that could prevent players from gaining or losing affection during this conversation.

Crew Skills


    • Companions now use accurate voice responses regarding the success or failure of their Crew Missions when they return.
    • The opportunity to add group members to your friends list no longer appears on Crew Mission rewards windows.
    • Mission rewards now properly display when having more than one waiting in the queue with the window open.
    • An issue that could cause Crew Mission rewards to be granted incorrectly after the player logged out and back in has been addressed.
    • An issue that allowed players to obtain researched schematics without destroying the reverse-engineered item has been corrected.

    Crafting Skills

      • On critical successes, crafted Custom (orange) gear now receives an Augment slot.
      • The [Exceptional], [Advanced], [Superior], and [Mastercraft] suffixes have been removed from crafted item names. [Augmented] will be appended as a suffix to crafted items that were a critical success.
      • When crafting item modifications (mods, enhancements, etc), a critical success now yields double the quantity of modifications.
      • Crafting materials obtained via endgame content now stack in the player's inventory. They no longer bind on pickup.
      • Endgame crafting materials (Biometric Crystal Alloy, Self-Perpetuating Power Cells, Alien Data Cubes, and Rakata Energy Nodes) now drop less frequently but are freely tradable.
      • Augments can now be crafted by several professions.
      • The Crafting window now displays the correct number of items when crafting from a schematic that yields more than 1 item.
      • Crafting Trainer tutorial missions can now be completed alternatively on the Fleets or on Coruscant or Dromund Kaas.
      • Schematics are no longer consumed if a player attempts to use one that is already known.
      • Craftable Custom (orange) Battlemaster and War Hero PvP armor has been added to Synthweaving and Armormech. The schematics for these items can be purchased from Battlemaster and War Hero vendors.
      Reverse Engineering
      • Players may now reverse engineer many endgame items to research schematics for items and mods. Campaign and some Black Hole endgame items can be reverse engineered, and players have a chance to learn how to craft these items upon reverse engineering them. Set Armorings do not provide schematics for crafters.
      • Players with the appropriate professions are now able to reverse engineer random drop items and acquire materials from them. This includes Operation materials from endgame items.
      • Reverse engineering Campaign and Black Hole items rewards Premium, Prototype, and Artifact quality crafting materials used to craft Campaign and Black Hole items.
      • Players no longer receive the message "you already know that schematic." Another available schematic will be chosen (if available) for the player to learn.
      • A "Research Available" tooltip will now appear when mousing over items in reverse engineering mode if a schematic can be learned from that item.
      • Random items, particularly armor, can now be reverse engineered by crafters based on the items' stats.
      • Crafted Vibroknives and shotguns can now be researched via reverse engineering. Reverse engineering Vibroknives and shotguns may now yield research variants for Armstechs.
      • Artificers can now reverse engineer relics, shields, generators, and foci.
      • Cybertechs can now reverse engineer all earpieces.
      • The chance of researching schematics via reverse engineering has been significantly increased.
      • Augments may now be reverse engineered for a chance to research their schematics by several professions (see below).
      • Players can now decide how many items from a stack they wish to reverse engineer.
      • Armormechs can now learn new schematics that allow the creation of Aim, Cunning, Shield, and Absorb Augments.
      • Augments can be reverse engineered for a chance to research Prototype and Artifact quality schematics.
      • A critical success while crafting Custom (orange) outfits now adds an Augment slot to the resulting item.
      • The Codex entry for Armormech has been updated.
      • Armormechs can now reverse engineer random armor with Aim or Cunning stats.
      • Armstechs can now learn schematics that allow the creation of Endurance, Surge, Critical, Accuracy, and Power Augments.
      • Augments can be reverse engineered for a chance to research Prototype and Artifact quality schematics.
      • New schematics to create Custom (orange) ranged and melee weapons have been added.
      • A critical success while crafting Custom (orange) weapons now adds an Augment slot to the resulting item.
      • The Codex entry for Armstech has been updated.
      • Schematics for color crystals in various colors (including endgame-quality varieties) have been added to the game.
      • Endgame-level Magenta Adegan Crystal Schematics may now drop from the World Boss of Voss and creatures in the new daily mission area on Corellia.
      • Mid-level Magenta Adegan Crystal Schematics may now drop from the World Bosses on Tatooine, Alderaan, and Nar Shaddaa.
      • Magenta Crystal Shards are now found on one planet in the game. They can be refined into Pristine Magenta Crystals used in the creation of mid-level magenta color crystals through obscure means.
      • The Magenta Adegan Crystal Schematic obtained from late-game World Bosses no longer binds on pickup.
      • New schematics for Willpower-based shields have been added (for use by Assassins and Shadows).
      • The number of Exotech consumables created per craft is now displayed correctly in the crafting UI.
      • Biochemists can now reverse engineer all implants.
      • Values on tooltips for Rakata reusable stims and adrenals now match the buff correctly.
      • Ice Scrabbler Jerky, a cantina food item with powerful out-of-combat health regeneration effects, has been added as a Biochem recipe. This recipe can be learned by finding the schematic or by reverse engineering Ice Scrabbler Jerky found on Hoth.
      • Cybertech crafted vehicles no longer bind on pickup.
      • Cybertech vehicle and space schematic mission reward rates have been reduced.
      • Critical successes when crafting grenades now yield double the quantity of items.
      • The cooldown on Cybertech-built grenades has been lowered to 3 minutes.
      • Synthweavers can now learn schematics allowing the creation of Strength, Willpower, Defense, Alacrity, and Presence Augments. Augments can be reverse engineered for a chance to research Prototype and Artifact quality schematics.
      • Critical successes while crafting Custom (orange) outfits will add an Augment slot to the resulting item.
      • Additional lower-level light armor schematics have been added.
      • Material requirements for some Custom (orange) outfits have changed.
      • The Codex entry for Synthweaving has been updated.
      • Synthweavers can now reverse engineer random armor drops with Strength or Willpower stats.

    Gathering Skills

    • Many gathering nodes that were spawning in unreachable places (such as underneath the world) are now reachable.
    • Some high-level resources nodes near the Imperial Camp on Ilum have been removed.
    • Archaeology
      • A perfect Upari Crystal Formation may now be found in the Belsavis Daily Heroic area.
      • The Red Goo item tooltip now appropriately identifies it as a Grade 6 Biochemical Compound. Level 49-50 Bioanalysis Missions now have a chance to reward Red Goo.
      • Enriched Durasteel nodes now spawn in the Belsavis Daily Heroic area.
      • Augments have been replaced by Sliced Tech Parts as a Slicing mission reward. These are consumed by Synthweaving, Armstech, and Armormech as a component for crafting Augments.
      • Slicing may occasionally yield Premium quality Augment schematics on critical mission success.

    Mission Skills

    • Missions granted from Mission Discovery objects no longer have a chance to fail.
    • Mission Discovery items now indicate that they can only be used once.
    • Players can now send multiple companion characters on a mission granted by a Mission Discovery if the player had more than one of that Mission Discovery.
    • Diplomacy
      • Light side and dark side mission results no longer occasionally display decimal values.
      • Diplomacy Mission Discoveries now correctly indicate whether they are a dark or light side mission.
      • The missions "No Redeeming Value" and "Desperation" are now appropriately labeled as moderate yield.
      • Diplomacy missions that previously indicated the player was assisting the other faction are now appropriately faction-restricted.
      • Investigation missions now have a chance of yielding Custom (orange) tech weapon schematics as a reward.
      • The chance for Investigation missions to yield schematics has been increased.
      • Red, Blue, Green, Orange, and Yellow power stat crystal schematics are now possible Investigation mission rewards.
      Treasure Hunting
      • Treasure Hunting missions now have a chance to yield Custom (orange) lightsaber schematics as a reward.
      Underworld Trading
      • The chance to receive schematics from Underworld Trading missions has been increased.
      • Tooltips for missions have been updated to reliably inform the player about expected yields.

Flashpoints and Operations


    • The Exit Area ability is now interrupted when damage is taken.
    • Emergency Fleet Passes can no longer be used in Flashpoints or Operations.


    • Kaon Under Siege has been removed from the mission [WEEKLY] Galactic Conflicts. It is now part of a new mission combined with Lost Island: [WEEKLY] Rakghoul Conflicts.
    • Lost Island is now part of the following missions: [DAILY] Emerging Conflicts V and [DAILY] Galactic Conflicts.
    • It is no longer possible to share certain Flashpoint missions with party members who are on preliminary steps of that mission, as they could cause mission blocking issues.
    • Random loot on some bosses in Normal Mode Flashpoints has been significantly improved.
    • Lockouts have been removed from Hard Mode Flashpoints.
    • You will no longer lose access to a Flashpoint phase immediately after defeating the final boss in Hard Mode. Access is removed upon completing the [FLASHPOINT] mission.
    • The Cademimu and Colicoid War Games missions now update properly for the entire party when speaking to the Flashpoint Courier Droid.
    • Athiss
      • The Beast of Vodal Kressh's knockback effects now correctly check for knockback resistance.
      • The Prophet of Vodal's Dark Spirits now have a buff that provides more information about the fight mechanics.
      • The debuff "Crushing Death Field" is now visible.
      Boarding Party
      • Storm Squad's enrage timer in Hard Mode has been increased to 2.5 minutes.
      • Storm Squad can no longer be pulled out of the bridge area.
      Colicoid War Game
      • The patrolling Droid in the hazard course now despawns when the sixth gate controller is used.
      Directive 7
      • Players can now receive the mission for Flashpoint: Directive 7 without first starting "Immediate Vengeance" or "Violent Uprising."
      • Mentor's claw previously targeted the group's healer more than intended. It now focuses on its initial target.
      • Corrected an issue that could cause Interrogator to spawn more Cyborgs than intended.
      Hammer Station
      • Reduced the frequency of knockbacks used by enemy NPCs.
      • 2R-CH no longer attacks players through walls and no longer grapples players in cover.
      • Battlelord Kreshan is now immune to interrupts.
      • The visibility of the "Unshakable" buff on DN-314 has been improved to better inform players that it cannot be interrupted.
      Kaon Under Siege
      • The health of KR-82 Expulser's probe Droids has been decreased significantly.
      • KR-82 Expulsor Droid now uses his grapple ability correctly.
      • Removed a security chest from this Flashpoint that could be reached more easily than intended.
      Lost Island
      • Lost Island, a new Flashpoint, is available for play! Having uncovered the sources of the Rakghoul plague outbreak in the Tion Hegemony, players must travel to Ord Mantell and confront Dr. Lorrick, the mad scientist who engineered this horrific biological weapon.
      Red Reaper
      • An issue that could cause Lord Kherus to stop fighting under some circumstances has been addressed.
      • Lord Kherus now targets Companion Characters with crates.
      Taral V
      • A Riverlurker encounter that attacked the players from an inappropriate distance has been corrected.
      • Corrected a terrain issue that permitted players to skip some encounters in this Flashpoint.
      The Battle of Ilum
      • Players can no longer be bombed while inside a bunker.
      • Drinda Zel and Velasu Graege now reset when pulled too far from the boss area.
      • Krel Thak's enrage timer has been increased to 2.5 minutes in Hard Mode.
      • Faction-appropriate friendly NPCs now spawn correctly at the beginning of this Flashpoint.
      The Black Talon
      • GXR-7 now properly animates during Full Auto. Its Power Punch can now be resisted, and its stun can be broken. Power Blast now properly animates with the the correct visual effects and deflection appearance. His basic attack no longer places a blank debuff on players.
      • Probe Droids spawned during the GXR-7 fight now have the correct icon.
      • Sgt. Boran's Medic now animates properly when healing. His Sniper's Snipe ability now chooses targets more intelligently.
      • Ghulil is now immune to interrupts in Hard Mode and uses backhand correctly in Normal Mode.
      The Esseles
      • Lieutenant Isric's Stockstrike now occurs less frequently, and the stun it causes can now be resisted. His Suppressive Fire now deals its damage over 6 seconds.
      • Ironfist's Jet Charge no longer knocks players down. Missile Salvo's tooltip has been clarified to expose the interrupt immunity gained during this phase.
      • ISS7's Head Smash can now be resisted.
      • ISS9 has been redesigned to be friendlier to melee combatants.
      • Vokk's Essence Drain can now be resisted, and its stun can be broken. Vokk no longer throws two lightsabers at the same target (unless no other target is alive).
      • Interrupting Ironfist's Headshot ability will no longer cause him to use it more often than intended.
      The False Emperor
      • An issue that could prevent HK-47 from spawning correctly has been resolved.
      • Some security chests have been removed from this Flashpoint.
      • Fixed an issue that caused the turrets to sometimes fail to damage Jindo Krey's ship.
      The Foundry
      • A remaining small window in which the final boss of this Flashpoint could be rendered invulnerable has been corrected.
      • Corrected an issue that prevented the final boss encounter from starting if the players choose the "Attack" option.


    • Normal Mode is now labeled "Story Mode" for Operations.
    • Credit rewards for defeating Operations bosses have been significantly increased.
    • Corrected an issue that could allow Operation bosses to resurrect during Nightmare Mode Operations.
    • Eternity Vault
      • The "Unshakable" buff is now visible when targeting Soa.
      • Changed the location where Soa's Force Whirlwind drops the player in the second phase of the fight to prevent players from being dropped several hundred meters below when no platforms are remaining.
      • Soa's lightning balls are now destroyed when the platform phase begins.
      • Projection of Soa has been removed from the Mind Traps.
      • A previously malfunctioning escape pod no longer causes players to become stuck upon landing.
      • Eternal Guardians and Eternal Sentinels now spawn correctly in 16-player modes.
      • Eternal Guardians and Eternal Watchers have had their difficulty rebalanced in 16-player modes.
      • Eternal Wardens now perform their grapple ability correctly.
      • The Ancient Pylons puzzle has been reworked to improve reliability. The wheels no longer lock automatically when solved. Players must use the "Confirmation Console" to confirm their symbol selection.
      • Annihilation Droid XRR-3's "Burning (Physical)" damage over time has been renamed "Burning" to accurately reflect that it cannot be removed.
      • Corrected an issue that could prevent Soa from spawning on the last platform after releasing players from Mind Traps.
      • Killing Soa in Nightmare Mode now grants the correct Codex entries.
      • An "Emergency Reset" button has been added to the Ancient Pylons encounter.
      • Soa's Mind Traps now kill players who are stuck inside the trap for the full 2-minute duration.
      • Cover classes can now take cover on platforms when fighting Gharj.
      • The reliability of Soa's Ball Lightning has been improved, and an issue that could cause it to deal damage twice has been addressed.
      • Fixed an issue that prevented Soa's shield from dispelling when hit by an obelisk while he was casting.
      Explosive Conflict
      • Explosive Conflict, a new Operation, is available for play! The Trandoshan mercenary warlord Kephess has seized the planet Denova, a world rich in resources valuable to the war effort. Players must assault his war camp, situated atop a mountain in densely-wooded terrain, fighting Imperial defectors and heavy war machines along the way.
      • Explosive Conflict is the next tier of Operations, offering new rewards and greater challenges.
      • Four difficulty modes are currently available for this Operation: 8-player Story Mode, 8-player Hard Mode, 16-player Story Mode, and 16-player Hard Mode.
      Karagga's Palace
      • G4-B3 Heavy Fabricator's "Powerhouse" buff now correctly improves the damage of several of his abilities on 16-player Hard Mode.
      • G4-B3's health has been increased in 8- and 16-player Hard Modes.
      • G4-B3's mines now spawn with a small degree of random offset in order to reduce the frequency with which they spawn directly on top of one another. The actual number and relative placement of the mines remains unchanged. These mines now properly clean up post-combat.
      • An issue that could cause G4-B3 to become stuck in the ceiling has been corrected.
      • The Stimulant Dart ability used by Attack-Science Technicians and Mechno-Assault Specialists has been adjusted. It is now easier to control these enemies in an Operations group with less than three crowd control abilities.
      • Support Gunners no longer knock back other enemy NPCs.
      • Karagga's Immortal Guardians no longer leave a debuff on players when struck with Surge.
      • RL-4 no longer refers to story events that have not yet occurred.
      • The Gamorrean Guards that Bonethrasher attempts to eat now have boss immunities.
      • Players can no longer remain trapped "Carbonizing" by Jarg's Carbonizer Probes while outside of Karagga's Palace.
      • Bonethrasher's creatures no longer respawn after the group has killed Bonethrasher and reset the phase.
      • Bonethrasher now correctly performs his Smash attack during 16-player Hard Mode.
      • Corrected an issue that could cause Bonethrasher to be stuck in combat after he defeated the party, preventing players from re-entering.
      • The door to Karagga's Throne room now remains open after the group defeats Jarg & Sorno.
      • In Nightmare Mode, defeating each boss now yields a chest that contains Black Hole Commendations.

Items and Economy


    • Loot drops from endgame activities, such as Operations and Flashpoints, now take group composition into account.
    • The variety of stats and modifications for new endgame items is substantially higher compared to that of older endgame items.
    • Orobird eggs of different types may now be poached in several locations. Those who can find means of incubation may find themselves in possession of loyal vanity pet soon.
    • Tauntaun vanity pets can now be acquired on the planet Hoth, though the exact means of acquisition are a mystery.
    • Several unusual crystal formations have been reported in the mountainous regions of Alderaan.
    • The cost of several relics has been reduced.
    • Several relics that were previously bound on pickup are now bind on equip.
    • The required level of several relics has been reduced by 1.
    • Items that are restricted by Valor or Social Rank can no longer be purchased until the player meets the rank requirements.
    • Offhand weapons are now more clearly marked as such.
    • Some pieces of gear that displayed incorrectly on character models have been adjusted.
    • The Collector's Edition Training Droid can now be used on non-humanoid enemies.
    • The required level for equipping the Imperial Trooper and Republic Officer outfits has been reduced.
    • The Male Formal Suit can now be purchased from the Coruscant social vendor. The Female Elegant Dress can now be purchased from the Dromund Kaas social vendor.
    • Sniper Rifles no longer drop for Republic players.
    • Corrected some instances where two items could show the same Armor or Weapon Damage Rating but have different values. The values are unchanged - the ratings have been updated to reflect the correct values.
    • An issue that caused some items to be unlinkable in chat has been addressed.
    • The modified DTB-27 Bolt Pistol is now displayed as a Custom (orange) weapon. The properties of the item remain unchanged.
    • The "Punisher" item no longer has incorrect stats on its Republic version.
    • The cost of Tionese gear (in crystals and commendations) has been substantially reduced.
    • A set of modifiable Techblades and Techstaffs has been added to the game.
    • The Galactic Trade Network's commission for both neutral and faction-based terminals is now 6%.
    • Campaign weapons and off-hand items are now available on the Crisis Point vendors on the Republic and Imperial Fleets.
    • Tooltips for off-hand weapons now indicate they cannot be equipped by Sorcerers and Guardians.
    • Modifiable items now have repair costs based on the level of their base modification.
    • Battlemaster gear now has more Expertise.
    • New items purchasable with Black Hole Commendations have been added to Corellia.
    • The Valor Rank requirement has been removed from Battlemaster earpieces and implants.


    • Players can now remove Armoring modifications that have set bonuses from items and transfer those set bonuses to Custom (orange) items. These modifications can only be transferred to an item that is equipped in the same slot. This does not apply to all items with a set bonus, only those where the set bonus is attached to the Armoring modification.
    • Some high-end item modifications are now restricted to particular item slots and may only be transferred into the same slot on a new item.
    • A new modification set with Expertise for all item modification types has been added to the game.
    • High-end weapons found on Operation bosses now come equipped with more common color crystals. The special color crystals associated with high-end Operations are now separate drops.
    • High-end PvP weapons now come equipped with more common color crystals by default. Color crystals associated with specific PvP tiers can now be purchased separately from the PvP vendor.
    • Players with the "Razer" Green-Black color crystal may upgrade to a high-end version of this crystal via a vendor on Coruscant and Dromund Kaas.


    • New achievement missions that grant the Aratech Ice, Coral, Nightscythe, and Fire are now available on the Fleets.
    • The Korrealis line of landspeeders has been removed from vendors.
    • The Tirsa Prime speeder has had its cost increased and is now available from the VIP vendor.
    • License costs for Vehicle Piloting rank 1, 2, and 3 have been reduced.
    • While credit costs for all 110% speed vehicles have been increased, the overall total acquisition cost for speeder licenses and vehicles at level 50 has been slightly reduced.
    • All vehicles that are not bound can now be sold on the Galactic Trade Network.
    • Summoning a vehicle no longer benefits from Alacrity.
    • The Aratech Dagger and Aratech Scythe vehicle items now grant the appropriate vehicle abilities upon use.
    • The Longspur Recon vehicle is now an Artifact-quality item.


    • A Crew Skills trade vendor is now ready for business in the Corellia Spaceport.
    • The PvP items vendor now sells Baradium Flux, a grade 7 PvP crafting material used in the construction of Blue, Cyan, Purple, and Yellow Expertise color crystals.
    • The PvP items vendor now sells a grade 6 crafting PvP box that randomly rewards crafting materials as well as Mission Discoveries and Expertise color crystal schematics.
    • The Fleet commendation vendor now sells grade 6, 7, and 8 crafting material boxes that randomly reward crafting materials.
    • Vendors that sell items for Marauders and Sentinels have been added to the Fleets.
    • The Imperial Cantina vendors on Hoth now sell similar food items to their Republic counterparts.
    • PvP vendors no longer sell Champion Bags.
    • PvP vendors now sell the Recruit set, a new entry-level PvP set (for level 50 players), for credits.
    • Battlemaster PvP vendors now sell Battlemaster gear pieces for Warzone Commendations.
    • New War Hero PvP vendors can be found on the Republic and Imperial Fleets. They sell the new War Hero and Rated War Hero PvP sets for Ranked Warzone Commendations and the equivalent Battlemaster piece.
    • New Campaign vendors can be found on the Fleets. They sell Campaign gear for commendations earned in the new Operation: Explosive Conflict.
    • Junk (grey) items no longer appear in the buyback window.
    • The vendor buyback window has been expanded to 12 slots.
    • Items to purchase with Unassembled Rakata Implants have been added to the Rakata vendors on the Fleets.


    • Players can now unlock a wide variety of rewards by leveling characters and reaching new Legacy levels, including buffs for your characters, unlocking additional Species choices for every class, and upgrades for your personal Starship. Build your own Legacy with the new Family Tree!
    • Legacy Experience awarded for Warzone completion and Space Combat kills is now in line with rewards from other activities.
    • Legacy names now display immediately once the player chooses one.
    • Players with a Legacy can now send unbound and bound-to-Legacy items to other characters on the same account via in-game mail (even if the characters are not of the same faction).

    Missions and NPCs


      • Many minor mission bugs have been fixed. Some respawn timers have been adjusted, group credit for mission objectives is granted in more missions, more enemies appear in some instances where too few were available, and many other minor adjustments have been made to improve the experience while completing missions. Not all of these minor adjustments have received an individual note.
      • Some missions that have received updates (fixes for map notes, Story Areas, and some text fixes) have been reset. Players are only affected if a mission they had in progress has been changed in this way.
      • Usable mission items can now be activated from the tracked mission log that appears on the right side of the screen.
      • The chances for one player to win the majority of rolls in Multiplayer Conversations have been diminished.
      • Many missions that were missing mission completion or codex images have been updated to include the correct image.
      • Several missions that require the player to defeat a specific enemy NPC have been updated. In affected missions, the player can now interact with an object in the world to spawn the target (instead of needing to wait for a respawn).
      • Several missions that had missing paraphrase dialogue options have been updated to include the missing text.
      • Corrected many instances where text and voiceovers did not match.
      • Corrected instances in the French and German clients where subtitles for alien dialogue progressed too quickly.
      • Many instances where players could unintentionally leave Story Areas for missions have been corrected.
      • Map notes for a large number of missions have been updated and are now more accurate, and many missing map notes have been added.
      • Several bonus missions that previously were not removed from the mission tracker are now removed at the appropriate time.
      • Corrected many mission conversations and mission-related items that could be re-initiated or re-used.
      • Troopers now receive the Item Modification tutorial correctly.
      • Fleet Passes are now rewarded to players that complete Chapter 1 and 2 of their class story, and new quick travel items are available as rewards for Inquisitors, Agents, Consulars, and Troopers, who must travel to the Citadel, Jedi Council, or Senate at the end of these Chapters.
      • Mission and Flashpoint phases now cancel conversations if a member of the group is in combat.
      • Corrected a rare case where some rewards out of a group of mission rewards would not be received by a player with a full or almost-full inventory.
      • Players who have progress in the same phase are no longer prevented from grouping with each other if they did not use the /accept command.
      • Players can now continue to abandon and reset missions without restarting the game if they closed the abandon or reset confirmation dialogue by using the "x" button.
      • Using an Emergency Fleet Pass now advances mission steps that require the player to travel to the Fleet.

      World Missions

        • A Spy in House Organa: An issue that could cause this mission to become blocked has been corrected.
        • The Fall of House Cortess: If the player sides with House Cortess, the attacking Killiks no longer despawn and end the fight prematurely.
        • Boiling Blood : Killiks killed with the "Blood Boiler" no longer grant experience and loot.
        Balmorra (Imperial)
        • Flight Plan: An issue that could prevent the player from interacting with the shuttle controls has been corrected.
        • Step Lightly: This mission can now be abandoned.
        Balmorra (Republic)
        • The Hunt for Lord Tharsis: The stages of this mission that take place in the Heroic area are now correctly labeled and are balanced for 4-player groups.
        • Trash to Treasure: Multiple bosses no longer spawn if players simultaneously activate the input panels or master controls.
        • NPCs related to Belsavis daily missions are now level 50.
        • Carving a Path: Mapnotes for this mission now direct the player to the correct location for the step "Scan the Transport Device."
        • Esh-kha Containment: Players who complete "Key to the Vaults" before completing this mission can now complete it properly.
        • Lights Out: A mission step to defeat Field Commander Anhur has been added to this mission.
        • Old Enemies, Lights Out, Open Communications, The Stasis Generator: These missions are now Heroic 2+ instead of Heroic 4. Their rewards are unchanged.
        • Riot on Belsavis: Players who completed "Terror in the Flesh" can now proceed past the conversation with Commander Calum.
        • Unintended Consequences: The Malfunctioning Guardian Droids now drop all 3 types of components for this mission.
        • Corsec Crackdown: This mission now progresses properly if a group member was not in combat when the other members of the group were defeated after using the Comm Array.
        • Jaggalors on the Loose: Companion affection is now applied correctly during this mission.
        • Prison Busting: Turrets no longer despawn completely from the world.
        • Automatic Maintenance: Rogue Disposal Droids now engage players in combat correctly.
        • Unlikely Allies: Players can now complete this mission if they reset it.
        • Prisoner Extraction : A single prisoner can no longer be activated multiple times in order to progress this mission.
        • A New Order: Repair Droids no longer repair shield generators even though they have been defeated.
        • Cutting the Cord: Players are now credited with the correct amount of kills even if out of line of sight.
        • Defend the Shipment: Corrected an issue that caused an interactive object to become unusable for 2 minutes if it was used in combat. Additionally, players can no longer bypass a step in this mission.
        • Pilot Down: The Door Release now correctly starts its cinematic.
        • Sabotage: Corrected an issue that could cause this mission to become blocked.
        • Dark Science: The correct follow-up mail is now sent for the light side choice in this mission.
        Nar Shaddaa
        • Back Alley: Corrected an issue that prevented players from receiving credit for fighting waves of enemies.
        • Dead Drop: The Flame's assassin now spawns upon destroying the dead agent's corpse.
        • Extermination: This mission now correctly recognizes past player choices.
        • Sending a Message: Exchange X4-Z2 Battle Droids now apply to this bonus mission's kill count.
        Ord Mantell
        • Clearing the Air: Players in groups can now join the first conversation via Holocall.
        Taris (Imperial)
        • No Escape: Killing Thana Vesh with Force Push now properly defeats her.
        • The Siege of Olaris: The Droid associated with this mission's objective now consistently exits his cage after being activated.
        Taris (Republic)
        • Chasing History: Corrected an issue that prevented players from starting the cinematic at the fourth cairn while in a group.
        • Geonosian War: Players now receive proper credit for completing the final stage of this mission while in a group.
        • Pre-Emptive Strike: This mission no longer resets if a player uses stealth.
        • Timely Arrival: The Czerka Records Terminal can now be used by all members of a group.
        • Into the Crosshairs: Players affected by a bug that allowed them to complete this mission without receiving "Primary Target" can now speak to Pevthak-Fra and receive the latter mission to continue the Voss Republic storyline.

      Class Missions

        Jedi Knight
        • A Hero's Rest: Players can now use the Republic Fleet option on the Tython shuttle to travel there while on this mission.
        • Desert Duel: Players can no longer block mission progression by knocking Lord Praven off the cliff.
        • Doomsday: The chest attached to the bonus puzzle for this mission is now lootable upon solving the puzzle. Additionally, if the player is defeated near the forcefield doorway, they no longer become stuck due to reviving on the other side of the forcefield.
        • Guided by the Force: Sith Harrowers now animate properly during combat.
        • New Intelligence: This mission's rewards are now level-appropriate.
        • The Defector: This mission can now be acquired via the Holoterminal for Jedi Knights who completed the Taris and Nar Shaddaa class missions without receiving it.
        Sith Warrior
        • Check In: Players no longer receive a codex text error when logging into the game while on this mission.
        • Pendant of Bone: Corrected an issue that prevented some players from getting credit for defeating the Gormak Warmaster.
        • Request an Audience: This mission now correctly recognizes past player choices.
        • Seek Answers: Players on this mission now see the appropriate loading screen text.
        • The Padawan Exposed: Additional light and dark side point opportunities are now available in this mission. This mission also now correctly recognizes past player choices.
        • The Transponder Station: The player's companion is now knocked out for the boss fight as depicted in the cinematic, and the fight has been rebalanced to take this into account. Additionally, an issue that could cause players to become stuck in the elevator has been corrected.
        • To Kill a Legend: Players are no longer killed when using an elevator associated with this mission.
        Jedi Consular
        • Chaos and Harmony: An issue that could make it more difficult than intended to save the final boss has been addressed.
        • Looking Out for the Little Guy: This mission no longer grants commendations for the wrong planet.
        • New Horizons: This conversation now takes place in person instead of on the ship Holoterminal.
        • The Summit: This mission's Holoterminal conversation no longer hangs indefinitely.
        Sith Inquisitor
        • A Map for the Future: Players can no longer become blocked on this mission if they dismiss Khem Val before clicking on the debris wall.
        • Legacy: Players are informed that Khem Val is required for this mission if the Inquisitor on the mission is in a group.
        • The Dark Council: This mission now grants light and dark side points correctly.
        • Visions and Visionaries: Players now receive dark or light side point rewards for this mission correctly.
        • Beast Mastery: Players who romanced Azalie now see the correct conversation upon returning to the Smuggler Hangar.
        • Brotherhood: Players can no longer become stuck in this mission's phase if they leave it by entering a Warzone, logging out, or crashing.
        • Illusions: Players can now complete this mission if they were previously unable to re-enter the phase after leaving.
        • Landing Party: Players can no longer defeat ambushers before instructed.
        • Modest Proposals: Ivory now only appears on the player's ship if they chose to recruit him on Belsavis.
        • Most Wanted: This mission's item can no longer be looted by group members.
        Imperial Agent
        • Defender of the Empire: Line of sight issues when engaging 'The Eagle' on the bridge of his ship have been resolved.
        • Epoch of Fear: This mission's boss no longer experiences line of sight issues.
        • Heist: SCORPIO is now summoned immediately as a guest companion at the appropriate time.
        • Hero of the People: Players in a group can no longer become stuck in the phased area for this mission if the Agent in the group leaves first.
        • The Assassin's Fortress: Players who are defeated on this mission are now revived at the Outpost Zaroshe medcenter.
        • The Star Chamber: It is no longer possible to explore the entire Star Chamber before the "Gather Information on the Star Cabal" step.
        • Subverting Karrels Jarvis: Light side points are now awarded at a different time in this mission.
        • Battle of the Gauntlet: Corrected an issue that caused the bridges crossing the Gauntlet to retract unexpectedly and kill players. Players can now return to the Gauntlet before completing the mission without having to reset it.
        • Catching Up: Players now correctly receive a mission item from Jaxo in the mail, and players who missed this mission will now have it granted if they are eligible.
        • Inconspicuous Valor: Party members can no longer plant the explosives and prevent mission progression. This mission now updates correctly when taking the shuttle from the Republic Fleet to Coruscant.
        • Power Play: Players no longer remain stuck inside the phase if they log out in the phase after completing the step "Speak to Senator Evran."
        • Public Relations: This mission now recognizes if the chamber is sealed before the step to seal it is acquired.
        • Rescue Operation: The CL-A1 transfer coil is now correctly counted as a mission item.
        • Return to Duty: Prellon Garn now becomes stunned during the escort (instead of dying). Prellon is also now present for the step "Escort Prellon to Safety."
        • Revenge Served Cold: The Thul Cryo Dragoon is now responsive in combat.
        • Stay Frosty: Players on The Shadow Fist mission will find it has been reset. This mission no longer remains in the mission log if it is not completed.
        • Suppression of Hostilities: The count for bonus objectives now updates correctly.
        Bounty Hunter
        • A Dangerous Auction: Players no longer receive an incorrect post-mission mail.
        • A Failure to Communicate: Players can no longer summon a companion devoted to guarding the area's entrance or advance further into the phase before progressing necessary mission steps.
        • At Arm's Length: Corrected an issue in the French client that could block progression on the step "Accedere a l'holoterminal de la Republique."
        • A Thousand Pardons: Zale Barrows can no longer be knocked into the lava, preventing mission progression.
        • Digging His Own Grave: Players can now progress this mission without waiting for the phase to reset if they answer their class holocall outside the story area.
        • Finale: The final boss has been adjusted from level 48 to level 50 to provide the intended challenge level.
        • Hail the Conquering Hero: Corrected an issue that could cause this mission to become blocked on the step "Speak to Crysta Markon." Also, players can no longer become stuck in a looping conversation during this mission while talking to the Huntmaster.
        • Honor or Glory: Corrected an issue that caused some dialogue options to be hidden.
        • Imperial Bounty: This mission can now be reset if the player was unable to complete it.
        • Number One with a Bullet: Corrected an issue that prevented some Bounty Hunters from seeing the correct loading screen text after completing this mission. A crash that could occur when speaking to Darth Tormen has been fixed.
        • No Strings Attached: Corrected an issue that caused NPCs to vanish unexpectedly after a fight. For players who were in progress on this mission, the mission's progress has been reset.
        • Some People Just Need Killing: The class story boss associated with this mission is now level 50.
        • Target Rich Environment: This mission can now be abandoned.
        • The Heart of Darkness: Players now receive credit for this mission if they travel to Dromund Kaas via the shuttle in the Imperial Fleet.
        • The Spirit of Vengeance: Corrected an issue that could cause players returning to this area to become stuck in the air.
        • To Walk in Dark Places: Torian no longer remains with the player if they exit the phase after he joins for the mission.


      • Strong and Elite humanoid enemies no longer throw grenades at or use Headshot on targets in cover.
      • Master Marksmen on Hoth no longer instantly knock the player back after being attacked with Leap or Charge abilities.
      • Republic Troopers and Officers protecting core Republic interests on Hoth are now properly trained to defend against level 50 players.
      • The World Boss Gargath on Hoth now drops level 50 loot.
      • Some enemies and NPCs that were previously invisible can now be seen again.
      • Many NPCs that were positioned incorrectly or played inappropriate animations have been corrected.
      • Many groups of enemy NPCs that previously evaded in combat or pathed incorrectly have been adjusted.
      • The "Sticky Grenade" debuff now appears correctly when used by enemy NPCs.
      • Grand Chief Keshk now always drops at least a Premium item.
      • Several vendors and other NPCs that had missing or incorrect voice have been updated.
      • A rather dangerous Wampa specimen has been observed on Highmount Ridge on Hoth.



      • PvP stats, such as kills, MVP votes received, total Warzone wins, and more are now tracked and can be seen on the Warzone Window.
      • Aurak Base and outlying Republic-controlled areas on Hoth have received reinforcements in the form of PvP guards.
      • PvP powerups can no longer return dead players to life.
      • Certain PvP abilities are no longer removed when a duel finishes.
      • Republic Guardpost Beta on Belsavis is now entirely considered Republic territory.
      • The throne room of Lord Jordan Thul is now considered Empire territory.
      • The medcenter in the Lower Flamewood area of The Old Paths on Voss is now a Sanctuary.
      • Republic Troopers now protect Ken-La Outpost.
      • The buff for the PvP Overcharge powerup now has the correct tooltip.
      • The Warzone Commendation cap has been increased to 2000 (up from 1000).
      • High-level PvP Daily and Weekly missions now reward a combination of Warzone and Ranked Warzone Commendations.
      • PvP medpacs now have a 1.5-minute cooldown (down from 3).
      • Daily and weekly PvP missions now reward 99 Warzone Commendations.


        • Players in Warzones may now flag another player on the team as potentially AFK by right-clicking their name in the Operation Group window and selecting "Vote to Kick from Warzone." Once enough team members have flagged a player in this way, the player is given a warning and a small window to begin playing or they are removed from the Warzone.
        • The amount of Valor, Commendations, and credits awarded at the end of a Warzone is now based on your team's score, with a bonus for the winning team. Experience rewards are still based on the amount of time spent in the Warzone.
        • Warzone daily missions while leveling have been condensed to one mission that is always equal to the level of the player.
        • Players who are removed from Warzones for being AFK are now returned to their original locations (instead of to the Fleet).
        • Vendors are no longer available inside Warzones.
        • Credit rewards for Warzones have been rebalanced.
        • The Scoreboard displayed at the end of a Warzone now displays the correct faction icons in same-faction Warzone matches.
        • The Scoreboard's Objective column now correctly tracks a player's offensive and defensive objective contribution. Additionally, players now receive notification during the match when their actions have accrued offensive or defensive objective points.
        • New medals are now awarded to the winning team based on how quickly they win (up to 6 medals for the fastest victories).
        • New medals are now awarded for offensive and defensive objective actions. There are now 6 offensive and 6 defensive medals awarded for performing Warzone-specific objective actions.
        • The Warzone reward medal cap has been increased to 8.
        • Rewards per medal earned have been rebalanced considering the new medals available.
        • Players who earn few to no medals now have overall rewards reduced (for instance, an AFK player would receive no rewards).
        • The amount of medals needed to perform a medal streak has been increased to 8, 14, and 18.
        • Warzones will no longer shutdown early due to population imbalance.
        • Ranked Warzones have been temporarily disabled. Please read here to learn more.
        Novare Coast
        • The Republic and Empire are locked in a brutal conflict by air and sea on the new planet, Denova. An Imperial dropship has crash-landed near the Republic coastal base and quickly established a fortification.
        • Teams need to turn the mortar cannons on the opponent's fortification to bring it down. However, both fortifications are shielded and one mortar cannon is not enough to disable the shield. A team must control at least two cannons in order to damage the enemy fortification.
        • This is a majority 3-point domination map with tug-of-war style objective control.
        • Control progress is saved when interrupted and can be resumed by a player on the same team or fought back by a player of the opposing team. The more players involved, the faster control shifts.
        • A training simulation-themed variant of the Warzone supports same faction matches.
        Alderaan Civil War
        • Several performance improvements have been made throughout the Warzone.
        • The objective cannons' rate of fire has been slowed down. The amount of damage dealt by the large turret blasts has been increased proportionally to maintain the same overall score rate.
        • Empire-controlled objective markers now appear purple.
        • Travel time for speeder bikes for the side objectives has been increased. The time it takes to interact with speeder bikes is once again instantaneous.
        • Giradda the Hutt now sees to it that any player standing on the ball stand when the ball respawns are slain.
        • The damage hazards deal is now a set percentage of total player health and is elemental damage.
        • The Voidstar can now be played by two teams of the same faction.
        • Players on the defending team are no longer placed on the speeder path if its duration would make them arrive late to the start of the match.
        • The map on the loading screen for the Voidstar has been updated.
        • In the case of both teams reaching the same objective in their respective attacking rounds, the team who reached the objective in the shortest time now wins the match.
        • The game now ends as soon as the Round 2 attacker's progress exceeds the progress made by the other team in Round 1.
        • Voidstar matches now wait until the pre-match is over before starting the countdown to close if there are few players.
        • Corrected an issue that could cause players to lose line of sight to targets standing on the defending team's ship.
        • Players can no longer target through forcefields in some circumstances.
        • Corrected an issue that allowed players to stand inside some doors, preventing line of sight.

      World PvP

      • Items with Mercenary Commendation purchase costs have been removed or converted to have Warzone Commendation costs.
      • Players can still trade Mercenary Commendations for Warzone Commendations. 10 Mercenary Commendations can be traded for 10 Warzone Commendations.
      • The Battle of Ilum daily and weekly missions have been removed from the game.
      • Respawn timers for several chests on Ilum have been increased.
      • Corrected a terrain issue that allowed Imperial characters to attack Republic characters in their base.
      • Usable turrets no longer despawn if the player using them disconnects from the game.
      The Outlaws' Den (Tatooine)
      • PvP treasure chests on Tatooine now drop Warzone Commendations, with a chance to drop Recruit PvP gear.
      • The Ilum PvP Territory Control Tutorial no longer displays.

    Space Combat


      • Visual effects for trajectory and impact on missiles have been improved.
      • The Alien Energy Capacitor now has stats appropriate for its level.
      • Transitions on entering Space Combat Missions have been visually improved.
      • The Grade 3 Beam Generator tooltip now correctly displays a rate of fire of 7 shots per second.
      • The experience rewarded for some "one time" Space Combat Missions (granted when a new tier of missions is available) has been rebalanced.
      • Players who are away too long while in Space Combat Missions are now logged out.
      • Large ships more readily display surface damage as the attached hardpoints are destroyed.



        New Functionality – players can:
        • Load and save UI profiles as XML files. These profiles can be loaded on any character once created.
        • Enter UI editing mode by pressing the 'Edit Layout' button in the main menu (reachable by hitting ESC), or by hitting the small button next to the quickslots and choosing "edit layout".
        • Move some elements around while in edit mode by dragging on that element.
        • Resize elements of the UI while in edit mode. Elements can be resized individually, or grouped and resized together.
        • Flip some UI elements (like the minimap) horizontally or vertically while in edit mode.
        • Choose to turn off (i.e. hide) some UI elements in edit mode. Hidden elements are shown as a red shaded box in this mode.
        • Adjust the number of slots shown and their layout per hotbar.
        • Select from 3 pre-created default layouts. These cannot be saved over. You may, however, use them as a starting place for your own layout.
        • Move around elements in other UI modes (such as Space Combat) by selecting these modes from the drop-down in UI Edit Mode.
        Adjusted Functionality:
        • Some Operations frame customization was moved into the UI customization system, and must be edited in this mode.
        • The ability to toggle/hide health on health bars was moved to the UI customization system, and must be edited in this mode.
      • Notification of contact from a Customer Service Representative in-game is now more obvious.
      • Subtitles can now be toggled using the /subtitles command in the Chat Window.
      • If a player attempts to use a shuttle with 3 or more pending mission rewards, the player is asked to accept those rewards before continuing.
      • Tooltips no longer get stuck on slider UI components.
      • Corrected an issue that could cause the UI to incorrectly register a drag when returning from ALT-TAB.
      • The cancel and apply buttons are now grayed out on the item modification table until the player adds a pending modification.
      • The loot window can no longer be drawn off-screen in some circumstances.
      • Companion tooltips now properly reflect whether they are selling junk items or performing a Crew Mission.
      • The Sorcerer and Assassin class icons have been corrected in character creation and Advanced Class selection.
      • The language used in tooltips (when referencing damage types and other specific items) has been updated to be more consistent.
      • The preference for "Show Sith Corruption" is now labeled "Show Dark Side Corruption."
      • New tutorials have been added for Flashpoints, Operations, and Quick Travel.
      • Shift-clicking a stack of items no longer hyperlinks that item if the Chat Window is not active.
      • The Social Preferences options page has been organized more clearly.
      • Several minor text formatting and alignment issues have been addressed.
      • The /roll command now has updated syntax in order to distinguish it from other chat text.
      • Players are now able to disable the Smart Camera in the preferences menu.
      • Bind Points now appear on the World Map as "locked" if they are not discovered.
      • An option to continue playing sounds when the game loses focus (via alt-tab, etc) has been added.
      • Certain chat commands and their corresponding messages have been properly localized in French and German. These commands include /ckick, /mute, /moderate,
      • /channellist, and /list.
      • Character portraits no longer appear completely black in some instances while using the Very Low shader complexity option.
      • Corrected an issue that prevented some chat errors from displaying properly.
      • Paging a hotbar up and down no longer displays hotbars that are already displayed elsewhere.
      • The ESC key now properly cancels timer dialog windows
      • Adding a level range argument to the /who command now correctly returns filtered results.
      • Corrected the icons for Imperial Agent Advanced Class selection.

      Crew Skills

      • The mission reward panel no longer closes other UI panels.
      • Crew Skill trainer windows no longer reopen after players move away from the trainer.
      • The Modifiable Crafting UI filter has been renamed "Custom" and now properly functions. Custom (orange) items will display the appropriate text color in the Crafting UI.
      • The Crew Management window now displays the player's credits in the lower right corner.


      • Players can now leave comments on entries in their Friends List in the Social Window.
      • Hovering over the LFG column in the Social Window now displays a tooltip showing the individual's LFG message.
      • "Reply" chat targets are no longer cleared upon area transitions.
      • French and German chat commands for speaking in general chat now work properly.
      • The /bow emote no longer loops when used.
      • Base crafted items can now be hyperlinked in chat.
      • A new option to suppress the Crew Mission reward window while in Warzones has been added.
      • Items now compare against all valid equipment slots.
      • Emotes no longer remove a player from stealth.


      • The Codex entry for killing a player with a turret now correctly requires the player to complete that task.

      Groups and Targeting

      • Players can now choose to view the targets of their group members in the group UI. This is disabled by default but can be edited in the "Edit Interface" mode.
      • Target of target can now be enabled for the player.
      • Players can now invite other players to their group via right-click menu from the guild roster.
      • Player class names now appear on the target frame.
      • When characters become hostile or friendly to the player, nameplates are now turned on and off as specified in nameplate preferences.
      • Dead characters and creatures no longer display a nameplate unless selected.
      • Focus target visual effects are now more distinct and recognizable.
      • Class icons now appear next to nameplates. This feature can be toggled off in the preferences menu.

      Galactic Trade Network

      • The Galactic Trade Network interface now supports text-based searches without category restrictions.
      • The Galactic Trade Network interface has been updated to support better filtering and faster paging.
      • The rarity drop-down in the GTN interface now contains an option for Custom (orange) rarity.
      • A 'Slot' pulldown menu has been added to the GTN Interface for more specific item searches.
      • GTN Terminals in Kaas City are now available again.
      • Players can no longer purchase items they have listed for sale on the GTN.
      • Players can now compare items on the GTN or in mail to items equipped by their companion.
      • In-game mail messages generated by the Galactic Trade Network now contain more specific information about the item sold.
      • Consumable items can no longer be used while they are being placed on the GTN.


      • Players can no longer "click through" the Galaxy Map to interact with the main game UI.
      • The map no longer becomes translucent when riding a taxi.
      • Map transitions throughout the game have been updated - many instances where a map would incorrectly transition to another have been corrected.
      • The Spaceport section of Coruscant can now be explored correctly.

    Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

    • The Jawa Balloon on Tatooine no longer occasionally disappears from underneath players.
    • The Emergency Fleet Pass now takes Republic players to the center of the Republic Fleet instead of the Tython and Ord Mantell arrival hangar.
    • The camera now collides with water instead of becoming submerged.
    • Opening a taxi terminal now cancels any active ability activation.
    • Corrected an issue that allowed players to use personal Starship doors outside the appropriate range.
    • The /stuck command no longer kills the player if they log out and back in on the ship Holoterminal (or other similar objects).
    • Corrected a rare client crash related to companion weapons.
    • Corrected several ambient conversations that triggered too often or too infrequently.
    • Added musical triggers to some missions and encounters.
    • Numerous spelling and grammatical errors in text throughout the game have been corrected.
    • Corrected several localization errors in text and voiceover.
    • The full area of Club Ufora is now considered a private area (where companions will talk with player characters).
    • Players on Tatooine and Belsavis now only see their own faction's Quick Travel Points on the map.
    • The Chiss social ability is now described correctly during character creation.
    • Republic players can now access the Lower Office Atrium in New Venture Plaza on Nar Shaddaa without passing through Empire territory.
    • The Aim Datacron on Belsavis is now obtainable.
    • Cantina music now plays more consistently.
    • The Imperial Panteer Hideout Bind Point is no longer visible to Republic players on the map.
    • A Bind Point now exists at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant.
    • The High Profile Ward in Shadowtown on Nar Shaddaa now has a medcenter.
    • Players can no longer use Fleet Passes in areas that are Quick Travel restricted.
    • Corrected an issue that caused windowed resolution to not be saved if the desktop resolution changed while the game was running.
    • Clicking off-screen while in dual-monitor mode no longer causes icons to be accidentally dragged when focus is returned to the game.
    • An issue that could cause character models to appear invisible while wearing some armor models with the very low shader setting enabled has been addressed.
    • Addressed some performance issues in the Overrun Machine Vault on Belsavis.
    • Corrected a rare issue that could cause character appearance to change when equipping certain items.
    • Corrected an issue that could cause players to get stuck in a falling state on some terrain.
    • An issue that could prevent disconnected players from logging back into the game during Flashpoints and Operations has been corrected.
    • A treasure chest that granted loot more frequently than intended has been removed from Tatooine.
    • An issue that could allow players to use emotes to avoid some combat effects has been addressed.
    • Corrected an issue that allowed players to use Heroic Moment abilities when requirements were not met in some circumstances.
    • A rare issue that could permit players of the incorrect faction to access faction-restricted areas has been
    • Players are no longer prevented from reporting characters with some special characters in their names.
    • Corrected an issue that caused some special characters to display incorrectly in Customer Service reports.

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