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Friday, September 28, 2012

World of Tanks 8.0 Notes Part One

This is a major update so I will split it up over two posts.  This post covers changes to content, game mechanics, UI, Audio And Graphics.

Part Two can be found HERE and covers vehicle changes and bug fixes.

  • New USSR Tank Destroyers
    • SU-100M-1
    • SU-101 (Uralmash-1)
    • SU-122-54
    • Object 263
  • New Premium Tanks
    • Matilda Black Prince
    • Panther-M10*
    • Pz IV Schmalturm*
    • SU-122-44*
    * only available to Super Testers during the test server
  • New Achievements
    • de Langlad Medal: Given to a player who destroys 4+ enemy vehicles that were in the process of capturing the player's base
    • Bombardier: Given to a player who destroys more than one vehicle with one shot.
    • Brothers in Arms: Each platoon member must destroy at least 3 enemy vehicles and survive. Granted to all platoon participants
    • Patrol Duty: Help your team damage at least 6 enemy vehicles by highlighting them. If two or more players have equal amount of enemy vehicles highlighted and destroyed, or if two or more players highlight the same vehicle, the achievement is granted to the player who has earned more XP in the battle. 
    • Tamada Yoshio Medal: Given to a player who destroys 3+ SPGs that are at least two tiers higher while driving a light tank, and survives the battle.
    • Crucial Contribution: Platoon must destroy at least 12 enemy vehicles.All platoon members receive the award.
    • The following medals have been broken down into three classes:
      • Boelter's 
      • Oskin's
      • Burda's
      • Billote's
  • Inscriptions and personal emblems
    • players will be able to add inscriptions and emblems to their tank from a preset album of images
  • Miscellaneous
    • Added 'Enhanced Springs', equipment for French and American Vehicles

Game Mechanics

  • Physics
    • The physics model for tank movement has been drastically changed.  Tanks will now be able to ride over ledges, drive through rivers, push enemy and allied vehicles, etc...
  • Camouflage
    • Up to three camouflage patterns (summer, winter, sand) can be purchased and stored for each vehicle.  The pattern will be selected automatically depending on the classification of the map.  If there is no appropriate pattern, then no camouflage will be applied
    • Camouflage patterns now give 5% camouflage bonus to the vehicle characteristics
    • All camouflage present on tanks at the time of the update will be removed, and a refund for the cost will be returned:                               - Camouflage removal and refund will be performed automatically upon the first login to the game after the update                                  - Camouflage will be compensated at purchase price & in purchase currency - gold or credits respectively
      - All camouflage is refunded at the prices in version 7.5
  • Game Modes
    • Added the ability to exclude Assault and Encounter from the random rotation in the settings
    • More maps available in Assault and Encounter modes:
      - Assault: Westfield & Siegfried line
      - Encounter: Malinovka & Sand River 
  • Quick Commands
    • Added target dependent commands for hot-key communications
  • Miscellaneous
    • Added the ability to switch team spots during training battles
    • Added more options to the player complaint system and increased the daily limit from 3 to 5
    • Matilda Black Prince and T-127 Tier spread reduced

User Interface

  • Tech Tree
    • Tree is now displayed horizontally and includes premium vehicles
  • Battle Statistics
    • The after battle report window will no longer open on the map, but open instead in the garage
    • The list of statistics will be much more numerous
  • Quick Commands
    • Radial menu of quick commands has been added "Z" button by default
    • Map indicators for commands have been reworked
  • Miscellaneous
    • Added ability to swap to target player's view after death by pressing CTRL and LMB on the allied player's name
    • Added different settings for vehicle markers
    • Added alternative color scheme for vehicle markers
    • Reworked basic interface elements: buttons, windows, backgrounds, checkboxes, etc...
    • Added new hints to the map loading screen
    • Reworked pop-ups during mouse over in the hangar
    • Adjusted scaling of minimap symbols during minimap resize


  • Improved firing sounds
    • Divided into 11 groups depending on caliber and availability of muzzle brake
  • Improved suspension sounds
    • Divided into 4 groups depending on vehicle type, surface, and movement speed
  • New sounds
    • Added sounds for driving on sand, wooden bridges, gravel, etc...
    • Added  sound of tank turning, sliding, strong and weak impacts, vehicle vibration while on rough ground, sound of falling in water or from extreme height
    • Improved the sounds of penetration, ricochet, and track critical damage
  • Balanced levels for all sounds


Keep in mind that this is only a partial implementation of all the proposed improvements for the graphics and rendering formulas, more will be added prior to the release of the 8.0 update
  • First iteration of new rendering system
    •  Marked as 'improved graphics' in the settings, can be toggled with 'standard graphics'
  • The following maps have been reworked for the new rendering and lighting system:
    • Himmelsdorf
    • Mines
    • Karelia
    • Lakeville
    • Sand River
    • Fjords
    • Mountain Pass
    • Arctic Region
    • Westfield
  • Reworked lighting for all other maps
  • Added wave and water movement with tanks now having the ability to enter bodies of water

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