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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Foundry, DDOS, Reputations and Vietnam

Hello again readers and thanks for coming back around. In this post I will write about some of the more interesting things I have experienced in my gaming world in recent times. I will make this a regular entry on the blog and try to inform you guys on the better experiences from the games I play.

Star Trek Online - So as I previously Wrote I have Completed my first Foundry mission "Ascension". The one problem I seem to be having is finding my mission in game. I have found it here and there but I have to search by author name. For some reason the mission does not show when searching by title. I will have to look into that more closely.
In other STO news I have reached the rank of Commander 3. My leveling has slowed down dramatically because of my use of the foundry and I have been focusing on crafting which has taken me some time as I gather mats, as I am way behind in my crafting for my level. This has required me to go back to lower level areas and has hindered my leveling.

Supremacy 1914 - My favorite Warfare combat browser game was attacked by a DDOS (Distributed Denial-of-Service) attack and games were unavailable for a couple of days. Basically someone bombarded the website of the game in order to overwhelm it's servers and prevent anyone from being able to log on and play. Bytro games was able to get everything working again and offered every current player 30,000 free Goldmarks. As to the games I was playing only one was affected as when I logged back in I found myself the victim of a coordinated assault by two players and my capital, London, already gone. I was able to win my game as Austria-Hungary and am still playing the other Great Britton Game. There are four players left and we are on Day 60, that's right 60 days of warfare it has been fun. Oh and I have started a new Gold Round game which allowed me to choose my starting country. Nice addition and should cut down on the early defections of players since they can choose thier own starting place. I picked Morrocco as my start as some of the other preffered choices were already taken.

This is my 60 day game, I am Britton (Orange) and my allies are Russia (Dark Green) and Northern USA (Light Green) Things are Indeed looking promising, we will have to see what happens once all the opponets have been dealt with.

World Of Warcraft - So for lack of anything better to do, I have been working on my Tol Barad Reputation. I have been able to get into a handful of Tol Barad games and have been working on the Dailies. Unfortunately this is all old news for me as far as playing this game and is way to similar to other daily quests from years past. I am afraid I am losing any reason to log in anymore. I love this game but think I am becoming burned out. I have no desire to run dungeons (Probably from to many Wrath Dungeons and Beta play) and have stayed away from any other parts of this game except PVP.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 - So I downloaded the Vietnam Xpac and have been playing this quite a bit. I do like the different look with the Vietnam War as a backdrop and the minor changes to the game play (Flamethrower, etc), but it is basically the same game with new skins, weapons and maps. Operation Hastings is a fun map with its large bridges, water ways and Rice Patty Fields. The one thing I have to know is this, WHEN DID HUEYS GET TITANIUM PLATED ARMOR? My god these things can be a bear to bring down, The problem I think is there is nothing to counteract them. Light arms fire has little effect on them and even vehicle mounted machine guns don't do a lot of damage. Lucky hits from a tank round or an attack from the opposing chopper appear the only real solutions. 

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