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Saturday, April 30, 2011

So What’s the Deal with Rift Anyways

When you write a blog there is a very good chance that you read blogs as well, in most cases a lot of blogs. That is exactly where I am and ever since its release Rift has been a hot topic. It seems that bloggers are either writing about it or declaring Rift free zones on their sites. The biggest surprise has got to be the heated battles being played out between WoW fan boys and the newly converted Rifters.

           When the game was released I had some mild interest in it, but I decided to delay giving it a try and focus on my other gaming interests. But now that the game has been out for a few months and still appears to be going strong, I am starting to wonder if I’m missing something really good? Is it worth it to leave my other games and focus on this one? From what I’ve seen the game looks good and seems enjoyable to play, but I haven’t witnessed anything ground breaking. I guess I’m just curious about it, but not enough to get it. Maybe someone can change my mind.    

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