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Monday, October 31, 2011

One is a Lonely Number

So I bought a new home the other day. It’s not much to look at, but has a great view and a decent size lot. It sits atop a small hill with two trees and is overlooking a quaint little town with a pond, gazebo and waterfall. The inside is sparsely furnished with a bench, a bed, a couple rugs, a dresser and a chair or two. Warmth and relaxation can be found next to one of the fireplaces located each room and the soft, soothing sounds of gentle music that play through out the place. So it’s not much, but it’s mine, well as long as I pay the upkeep it’s mine. However as nice and peaceful this may sound, the house has one major draw back to it. When I am home I often find myself feeling quite lonely.

So after a long day of adventuring and assisting the citizens of Middle Earth with various problems, I was happy to come galloping down the road and see my home. Putting the horse up for the night, I went inside, started a fire and sat down on my chair. Well that’s it really nothing much to do and if not for the music playing in the background the deafening silence would have driven me mad. After several minutes of looking around and finding nothing to really do, I decided that maybe I should take this opportunity and take a walk around town. Just maybe I would stop in and meet some of my neighbors.

The walk was pleasant enough as the town itself is rather pretty and peaceful, but I quickly found out that all of my neighbors were either not home or had been evicted for failure to pay the upkeep on their houses. Undeterred I headed into the center of town were I met a musical Troupe playing next to a fountain (They weren’t very talkative as they were busy playing their instruments.), A couple of shop keeps and a random citizen or two. It didn’t take long for me to realize that they were not the biggest conversationalist and seemed actually surprised themselves to see another person.

So after a few moments of aimlessly meandering around town I headed back to my own house up on the hill. As I rounded the corner to the street I lived on, I glimpsed someone riding hard towards me. Frantically I tried to raise my hand and bellow forth a cheerful greeting to my newly met neighbor, but to my dismay they paid me little mind and road on past with a stern look of urgent and pressing business. I considered briefly of giving chase and making myself known, but quickly laid that thought aside as I didn’t want them to think of me as a crazy person this early in our new relationship. 

With a disappointing sigh I went back into my new home and sat down in front of the fireplace. I wondered if I should give it another go tomorrow, just maybe there will be more people out and about. Maybe I could hang out by the store; surely someone would come by sooner or later. Nah unfortunately I myself had pressing business myself tomorrow. You see there have been some recent reports of Orcs being spotted in the low-lands and I still hadn’t collected enough Warg tails for that lady at the Forsaken Inn. Nope, unfortunately it appears that tomorrow will be quite the busy day for me and I won’t get much of a chance to go about town. Such a shame really, this would be such a nice place to live if it wasn’t so damn lonely.   

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