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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Voice Chat and SWTOR

 Jedi Cop

Recently I formed the guild that I had planned on doing for some time now and with it I activated a Ventrilo Server for voice communication. It didn't take me long to discover one major problem with talking to others while playing a game based around conversation, there is to many people talking. With guild mates chatting away in the background they sometimes would drown out the conversation I was having with some NPC in the game.

Now I could turn down one or the other, but that would defeat the purpose of having guild chat or having conversations in game. Missing some key point in a game conversation or guild chat is not the end of the world, but one of the selling points of SWTOR is its story and missing a key part of dialogue ruins the immersion of the game. Hopefully I will find a solution to this dilemma, but for now it looks like I will be forced to deal with the background chatter.


Anonymous said...

Your perpspective and experience is interesting. But the latest voice communication solutions for online gaming have proximity settings - as characters move closer you can hear each other more clearly.

Maybe this will help address some of the confusion/background noise you find distracting?

Armatus said...

Thanks for the Info, I haven't looked into that possibility as of yet, but will definitely see if that may work.