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Monday, February 20, 2012

WoT's KV-4 Information

World of Tanks has released information on the newest Russian tank they intend on implementing The KV-4. it looks to be slated to be a Tier 8 Heavy tank and although it looks to be a replacement tank, nothing has been confirmed yet for the Russian Tank tree. Here is the information that was released by the site.

Much like the American heavy tree update in version 7.2, the Soviet heavy tree will soon be undergoing changes, including the expansion of the KV branch. The KV-4 is one of the upcoming tanks, and we're happy to share more details on it with you.

Development History

In late 1938 a special engineering unit of the Soviet Armed forces, based in Leningrad (now St. Petersburg), began the development of a heavy one turret tank. It was named KV (Kliment Voroshilov) after a famed Soviet general.   
In fact, KV was not thought out from the scratch: it was a shortened version of another Soviet tank, SMK, with one turret and a diesel engine. Nikolay Dukhov was a lead engineer of the project. In September 1939, a prototype was tested successfully in Kubinka (a town west of Moscow).

First ready-for-battle models were used during the Winter War with Finland in 1940. However, KV was not completely ready for war: it had a limited maneuverability and it was breaking down too often. Despite these facts, Soviet officers were happy with the tank: the vehicle’s armor was impenetrable by any tank-mounted weapon then in service except at point-blank range. It also had a good firepower and a good traction on soft ground.
Adjusted and re-tuned KV modifications did quite well in World War II battles. German soldiers nick-named it “Gespenst” (Ghost) thanks to its invincibility and massive fire power.

 Also included in the post was the tanks specifications.

Tactical and Technical Specifications

 Tier VIII Heavy Tank
Weight 82.5 t
Armament: 106.7 mm and 45mm 20K guns in one turret. A smaller gun will be inactive. A 130 mm howitzer will be its top gun.
Engine: 1200 hp (882 kW)
Max. speed: 50 km/h
Upper front hull armour plate: 120 mm + 30 mm (spaced armour)
Lower front hull armour plate: 100 mm +30 mm (spaced armour) (доп. Плита)
Hull side: 110 mm
Hull back: 90 mm
I turret: 120/110 mm
II turret: 150/150 mm
Crew: 6 - driver, commander, gunner, two loaders, radio operator

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