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Monday, March 26, 2012

SWTOR's Missing Eyes

Of all the glitches and bugs you can find in SWTOR, I find the missing eyes one to be the most annoying. I understand that this is minor in the grand scheme of playing the game, but for some reason it is really getting on my nerves. Characters interacting in a pivotal story line suddenly lose their eyes and are replaced by either a non colored version or an empty eye socket. This happens quite frequently in the game and can become distracting if you are engrossed in the story line. When looking at the two screen shots I have added you can really get an understanding of how much this effects the story portion of the game. Without the eyes the character loses a lot of his life like appeal.


Although I know the devs have much more pressing business to attend to, I would still like to see this problem fixed. In a game that uses story as a key component in its playing, the eye issue can be a major immersion breaker. I can relate this to playing a first person shooter game in which my Avatar keeps losing his gun while firing. Yes I know they are just eyes, but damn it I want my eyes back.

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