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Friday, March 9, 2012

W.o.T. - This is an Improvement?

WOA, hit the damn breaks for a minute...
The Dev team at world of tanks has announced an improvement. Here is a link to that original text. Now I'm not one to throw my toys at change, but this has my oil clogging the pistons up a little.

I am totally cool with all the tier 5 and below changes. these in my opinion are skill building levels anyway.

I mostly play Tank Destroyers as I enjoy the idea of being able to mangle, blow up and outright murder a vehicle that by design intent is indestructible! My grind through the low and medium levels has for the most part have been enjoyable. Across my three accounts, I have a total of 5 TD"s, yes some I keep at low levels just for the fun! I currently have a T-6 JagdpzIV, T-7 T25 AT and a T-7 SU-152.

Enter my Jagdpz IV....I have hit Tier 6 hell. Now this tank does very well against tier 7 and below machines, Tier 8, I battle with and any tier 9 or higher, I may as well just go to the bar! On an average battle, I loose 1 to 3K credits depending on if I get murdered by a T-59, Lowe, KV-5 or some gold ammo wielding player. If I can get 2 to 3 kills or more and a victory, its hog heaven, now I'm talking 15-18K credits (every 6 or 8 games apart).

So here is my issues with the latest "improvement":

First - "Tank Destroyers have progressed a bit slower than most vehicles in the game to this point due to higher credit and experience costs for their guns than other same-tier vehicles. in version 7.2 we will be removing this disparity, resulting in similar costs to their counterparts."

My T-6 JagdIV is so close to T-7, The reason it is not tier-7 is not due to the experience gap (64,400xp to hit t-7), that I can deal with! the issue is that for every step closer I get in credits, I take five steps back from a few losses. I have even gone the way of a premium account on a trial basis and this does little to reduce the operating cost for this class of tank. Thanks Dev team for the thought but this don't cut the iron-hide here!

Secondly - "due to the re-balancing of the tank destroyer progression, we will be reducing the income of all tank destroyers by somewhere between 3%-8%, depending on the vehicle. This of course excludes tiers two through four, which will see credit income increases."
So now on top of the MM always putting me in T-9 fights, I get to loose even more credits on a per battle basis.

I guess I will be rolling in my Heavies or SPG's from here on out, bye bye Jagdpazer IV...

Please leave your thoughts and comments....

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