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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ten Ton Hammer World of Battleships Interview

Ten Ton Hammer interviewed Wargamming's Frazer Nash in a kinda first look at the upcoming World of battleships. included in the article was some limited information on World of Warplanes as well. The highlight of the article was some "Screenshots" of the upcoming game and they look awesome. Also confirmed was the fact that you won't be able to go under the water and wage combat under the waves as Nash confirmed that there will be no Submarines in WOB. He cited game balance issues for the reason they are not included as everyone will just get into a sub and no one will be able to fight.

One major thing I did notice was a Carrier shot and this comment as to thier purpose. "As a carrier, the only weapon you’ve got is AI planes. You launch the planes, they go to a particular location, and they’ll either find something to shoot on the way, or they run out of fuel and head home. The smaller, fast ships can evade or fight off planes as they get a fix on the bigger ships, so your battleships can begin to fire.”

its an interesting read and some nice images which I have attached below.

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