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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

World of Tanks Updates roundup

I swear this is not a World of Tanks blog, but with all the announcements pouring forth from its hard not to post about it. IN an effort to consolidate my posts about the game I will post several news updates on one post so here is the latest:

Patch 6.6 to release tomorrow

 The much anticipated 6.6 patch for World of tanks will soon be upon us which promises to bring a new Map Siegfired Line and a major overhaul of the Germna Tech Tree with the split of the heavy tree line into two groups and the addition of several tanks including the E Series. Also included is several modifications to several other tanks including hit point reduction in the tier 10 IS-7 and T-30 tanks.

Its offical players hate Malinovka (Campinovka)

A recent post on Overlords blog showed a 2 to 1 ratio of players disliking the map. Being that this map is one of the first players expoirience when first playing the game I think most are just getting tired of it. A big problem with it is that when the matches involve higher tiers most players sit and wait which drags out matches and increases boredom for some. This map more than any other probably needs a make over.

 WoT to Celebrate 1 Year anniversary

World of Tanks is approaching 1 year of being live already and has prizes ready for its player base. Forst up is a free Premium day with other goodies promised in the near future.

World of Tanks is looking for friends

Also they have announced a campaign to get 200,000 Likes from facebook users. In eturn for your stamp of approval Wargamming will give everyone a 5 times rate increase for their first match.

Well if you were clamoring for some Tanking news this should hold you over for a little. While see you on the battlefield.

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