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Thursday, January 5, 2012

World of Tanks Gold Costs

The other day, myself and a fellow tanking friend wanted to know just how much money a gold piece would cost in real dollars for World of Tanks. Once we figured that out we decided to figure out how much everything else would cost. Not wanting to be greedy I have decided to share our findings with you my readers.The following numbers are all in Dollars and are based on the present cost for gold purchases in game.

First lets look at the cost for gold purchases taken from the World of Tanks website. I will use the 1-5 numbering system in this post to signify which gold purchase I am using:

       Gold               Cost 
1.  25,000            $99.95
2.  12,000            $49.95
3.  6,500              $29.95
4.  3,000              $14.95
5.  1,250              $6.95

Now we can figure out how much each piece of gold will cost in real dollar value.

1. 1 gold = 0.0039cents
2. 1 gold = 0.0041cents
3. 1 gold = 0.0046cents
4. 1 gold = 0.0049cents
5. 1 gold = 0.0056cents

With that base cost per gold figured out we can determine what some of the game purchases will cost you to obtain them.

For experience the conversion rate is 25 Xp for 1 gold.

As an example let's say that you wanted to convert 50,000 free XP  which would take 2000 gold, each purchase plan would cost you:

1. $7.80
2. $8.20
3. $9.20
4. $9.80
5. $11.20

If you wanted to unlock a tier 10 IS-7 tank, not including any of the other required components the tank alone takes 178,445 XP to unlock. If you had enough free XP to unlock this last stage the cost to do so would be 7,137 gold. The real dollar cost of doing this is:

1. $27.84
2. $29.26
3. $32.83
4. $34.97
5. $39.96

For credit conversion the rate is 400 credits for 1 gold.

If we stick with the 2000 gold rate that would net you 800,000 credits and would cost you the same as the above figures for XP conversion.

That same IS-7 tank costs 6,100,000 credits to buy. To have enough credits to buy the tank would cost you 15,250 gold. Money wise that type of investment would run you:

1. $59.47
2. $62.52
3. $70.15
4. $74.72
5. $85.40

To unlock the tank without any other in game help and just using purchased gold the IS-7 tank would run you a hefty:

1. $87.31
2. $91.78
3. $102.98
4. $109.69
5. $125.36

That is a lot of money for a digital tank. I know players that have used Free XP and converted credits to buy a Tier 10 tank in game and it shows just how much money someone can spend to accomplish this.

Premium Tanks are also a hot purchase in game and for an example we will use the three most popular tanks to figure out how much they cost.

The German heavy tank Lowe is a tier 8 tank and is different than others in its group since its price was raised to 12,500 gold. Real dollar costs to buy this tank are as follows:

1. $48.75
2. $51.25
3. $57.50
4. $61.25
5. $70.00

To save some money you could buy only the amount of gold needed by purchasing two different gold plans. Since you need 12,500 gold, the two plans that make the most sense would be #2 12,000 gold for $49.95 and #5 1,250 gold for $6.95. Or you could purchase 2 #3 plans for 6,500 gold at 29.95 each.

The Lowe would then cost you $56.90 for plans #2 and #5 with 750 gold left over or $59.90 for plan #3 with 500 gold left over.

The other Tier 8 tanks, the Russian KV-5 and Chinese Type 59 cost 7,500 gold to buy and would cost.

1. $29.25
2. $30.75
3. $34.50
4. $36.75
5. $42.00

If you bundled plans #3 and #5 togerther it would run you $36.90 with 250 Gold left over.You can use the same rates to figure out other costs like Premium membership, gold ammo, premium components and other premium tanks. 

Well if you ever wanted to know how much stuff costs in game I hope this has helped some.

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