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Thursday, January 5, 2012

WoT hands out free tanks

To mark the release of patch 7.1 World of Tanks is giving everyone a free French tank, the Tetrarch Mk VII. Visit this page to redeem your code. here is the story: 


 With the recent release of version 7.1 all players get a special gift. The unique premium tank, lend-lease version of the Light Mk VII, Tetrarch including a free garage slot is ready to join your tank company in garage!

To redeem the tank you need to go to your Account Management page and enter code:


Please mind the following rules:

  •  Use CAPS to enter the code;
  •  The code may only be activated once (one account – one code activation);
  • The code is valid until 23:59 PST, February 3 (7:59 UTC, February 4).

More detailed information on how to activate bonus code you may find here.

Get your new tank and stay tuned to World of Tanks!

Once sold the tank will net you 150,000 credits and a free garage slot. Or hold on to it and reek havoc on the tier 1-3 brackets.

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