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Friday, May 27, 2011

Deep Space 9 and Panzers

Hello again readers and thanks for coming back around. In this post I will write about some of the more interesting things I have experienced in my gaming world in recent times. I will make this a regular entry on the blog and try to inform you guys on the better experiences from the games I play.

Star Trek Online

Haven't been doing a whole lot in this game lately, its another casualty of my tank warfare rampage. However I did enjoy stopping by Deep Space 9 while making my way around Cardassian space. One of the allures of STO is the ability to visit locations made famous by the movies and TV shows. Also have been playing some of the Featured Episodes and still impressed with how much better they are compared to standard quests.

World of Tanks
Surprisingly enough this game has engrossed me to addictive levels. I recently entered the TIer 5 range and am getting introduced on a regular basis what real tanks can do to me. Most of my matches have me paired up with heavy tanks in the 6-8 tiers. I am really surprised at the draw leveling up has in this game as the desire to get that next higher level of tank really draws you in. Also the new tank company war system was introduced allowing player groups (clans) to battle for a war torn map of Europe. Unless you have been able to reach the upper level tiers there isn't really any reason to apply to a clan as there is no level restriction so everyone fighting is in tier 8 goodies. I suppose this is W.O.T.'s version of endgame content. I look forward to trying it out in the future as I plug along to my goal of my very own Tiger tank.

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