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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Howdy Keyboard Required

Hello all you key tapping, mouse ramming, trackball spinning video game playing wazoos.
I'd like to take an minute to give you all a little of my back ground.
I have played some type of interactive, electron interfaced mechanically controlled time waster for 30+ years. i have most endured myself to strategy and puzzle games. If it were not for the nagging of certain other humans, I would have never taken the plunge into MMORPG. to those that contributed, Curse you to Hell!!!
That being said, I now find myself in the position of playing those more than my old school side scrolling shoot em up style games. To be honest, I don't miss them much but have not given them up either.
I have a limited taste in building PC's. sadly, with the advent of scada drives and USB interconnectivity, the skill is now lost. its all plug and play in my humble opinion.
I would like to lift my hats off to Armatus for allowing me to tickle the keys a little with him and maybe even entertain a few of you that read the blog.
If you have any questions or would like me to research something, leave a note, comment or email.
lets get back to Gaming!
"life is what happens when your not playing WOW".....

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