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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

World of Tanks First impressions

A few things I have noticed after a day of playing the game.

The game seems pretty much clear of bugs and glitches which I must say is a welcome relief.

Controls are relatively easy to pick up and are not that complicated. You move using the w, s, a, d keys and operate your turret with the mouse.

Graphics look pretty good, terrain is interesting and seems well designed for tank combat. The tanks themselves look good.

I have only seen about 4 maps so far and am looking forward to more in future.

The game is centered around pvp combat in organized matches that are a mix of players from different levels. looks like its 15 vs 15 combat and each team contains a mix of tanks from the three different trees.

There are 3 tank trees to research (Level) centered around the Soviets, German and Americans.
You can research and then upgrade different parts to your tank including, turret, gun, engine, tracks and so forth.

The game uses gold and regular currency to upgrade your tanks.

The option is there to purchase a Premium account. There also appears to be the ability to purchase the Premium account for in game currency possibly making the games higher level free to play as well.

Most importantly I am having fun right now and am enjoying the apparently good community that plays this game.

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