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Monday, May 23, 2011

Paying the Premium


            I decided to do something that I have never done before in a game, well sort of. Although I have paid a subscription to games before on a monthly basis, I have never made a extra purchase or paid for any kind of premium service.

             This week I went ahead and purchased some gold in World of Tanks. My two reasons I decided to do this were 1. I am really enjoying the game and will support something I am enjoying and believe in. 2. I wanted to see the differences between a free account and a premium account. I chose to buy 3000 Gold for 14.95 which is basically the same price as 1 month of game time for subscription games like World of Warcraft and Star Trek Online.

            The very first thing I did was to convert all my unused experience on lower level tanks into free experience, which will allow me to use that XP on future tanks. The second thing I did was to purchase a premium account for 1 day. The cost of the Premium account was 250 gold while the XP transfer cost me 1 gold for every 25 XP I converted. In the end I spent a total of 729 gold and I am left with 2,271 gold.

Premium Account

            For buying a premium account I received a 50 percent increase in XP and Money received per match. I also receive the ability to form a platoon with my friends to fight together and some other lesser benefits. While playing with the premium account I did notice a difference in both XP and Money gains from match to match, enough so that I could see a true benefit of playing this game with a premium account. Game play is basically the same without any direct benefits or assistance to aid me in my crappy shooting skills. This is how I would prefer to play the game as I side more with skill at playing than game assistance.

             I did notice that my garage looks different from a regular account (See Picture Above) as it is much larger and tactical looking with maps and such on the walls, but basically it has the same function as far as I can tell. As for the cost options on a monthly account they are:

1 day(24 Hours) - 250 Gold

3 days(72 Hours) - 650 Gold

1 week(7 Days) - 1250 Gold

1 Month(30 Days) - 2500 Gold

This seems reasonable as a 1 month subscription is around $14 dollars which is about the same as other subscription games.

 Left Over Gold

             I honestly have no idea what I will do with the left over gold. Some of my options include purchasing premium tanks or premium ammo (Which I am told is better) or I could continue to buy a premium account. For now I think I'll just hold onto it and purchase more premium account time whenever I need a slight boost to my level gains.

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