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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

KV-3, Tank Destroyers and South East Asia

Been gone from the blog for a while, life has not afforded me much time to play or to blog a lot lately. Either way here is a quick recap of what I have been playing lately.

World OF Tanks

What little time I have to play lately has been focused on this game. Several new tanks have rolled on into my garage including the KV-3 and the Jagdpanzer Tank Destroyer. Both are Tier 6 tanks and unfortunately appear a bit underpowered. The major attraction they bring is increased armor while the guns are the same as their Tier 5 Counterparts. The biggest change is who you face in this tier as for the most part you will be paired up with tier6-10 opponents. You may be able to get some kills here and there, but when trading blows against the likes of IS-7 and Maus you really don't stand much of a chance.

I am getting close to obtaining my Tiger I (Tier 7) but am a little concerned about my chances of surviving against much larger opponents. The VK3601H is a very fun tank to play and I am finding it true that when battling in this medium tank that I am seeing successes more often than the much Larger KV-3.

Supremacy 1914

Haven't said a whole lot about this game for some time, but I still play it from time to time. Presently I am playing a 10 player game on the new Southeast Asia map that had won a contest for player created maps. It is well done and is different enough from the standard Europe map to make it fun to play. My first game in I was selected to play Mongolia which starts at the top of the map and has 0 water territories. Wasn't expecting to play a land locked nation on a SE Asia map, but I'm sure ill get a island nation soon enough.

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