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Monday, June 20, 2011

Wipe the dust off my Gat and get back at it..

We all are from time to time, over encumbered by life, liberty and the pursuit of "honey have you finished the list" that so accompanies our spare time.
I am pinned down from the "Honey" bullets from my better half more times than i care to admit.
Thank God for Fathers day and the excuse of Stress...without them I'd never get any gaming done.
This weekend I found out that without constant practice you are never as good as you once were...Battlefield called, I answered and so did the virtual medic!
As I strafed, knifed, sniped in on my fellow combatants in some head to head tests of digital skillz I found myself thinking, could this be, might it be possible, I suck yet again....ACKKK, I do.. I toss this out to all arm chair generals reading...stick with your training. without it, we are all just food for wolves. silver lining, my M16 will still reach out and kiss ya in the right spots!
In my contemplation of yet again queing for war, I did a little surfing and ran acrossed this little tid bit of news that might interest you.
I have to admit that I dig the idea of driving a tank in the new environments. If you have not gone to the host site, you can check it out here.
I have to say This game is shapping up to be one of my future favorites!

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