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Monday, June 6, 2011

Wallet Warrior

          Well it is now offical, I have become a Wallet Warrior. With World of Tanks Selling Gold tanks at 50 percent off till June 6th, I decided to purchase this T14 heavy tank for 750 gold. It has decent armor and speed, but the gun is underpowered. Problem with Gold tanks is they are not upgradeable, so you get what you get with them.
          The only reason I purchased this tank was to generate credits as Gold tanks are cheaper to operate and can gain some decent credits per match. It did not have anything to do with getting a heavy as I have also recently obtained a KV which is for most the first heavy tank they play with as it is still in tier 5. The T14 is also a tier 5 tank so its purchase didn't actually unlock a new tier for me.

                    Paying for a tank instead of earning it via the XP climb is a different feel for me as I don't have very much attachment to the T14 as I have with others. Like I said it is only a credit producer for me and although is alot of fun to play is realyy only another tank for me. Now my brand new Leopard light tank is another story. For some reason even I can't explain why I am so enamered with this thing, but I can't wait to upgrade its models.

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