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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Minecraft has proven to be - FUN

                I have been trying out Minecraft now for about a week and have really started liking this game. I purposefully went into the game without reading any guides or learning anything about the base game. I wanted to see if I could play this game without aid and be able to pick it right up. The basic concept of chopping wood or digging up the ground  is easy enough to understand, but that's it. I received my biggest surprise when nightfall came and was assailed by exploding monsters and men with bows and arrows. What I am getting at is if you plan to try this game out...EDUCATE YOURSELF FIRST. You will not survive long without some base knowledge as in make yourself some shelter, build a crafting table and furnace as soon as possible you will need these things to move on in the game.

I have had more fun building a house and digging out a mine than I thought I would have and might actually purchase this game to see all the features i am missing by playing a demo. The Demo only allows me to play for 5 "game" Days before I must start over.

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