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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Popularity is Relative to Expense

So starting today in World of Tanks the Lowes price hike is in effect and I am going to make a bold prediction in relation to this event. The KV-5 will become the new Lowe. What That means is I am fairly certain we will now see large amounts of KV-5s rolling around the higher tiers of combat.

Not that the KV-5 is as good as the Lowe or that it even has the same value for money spent as the Lowe used to have when it was the same price. Instead the KV-5 will fulfill the same use as the Lowe had, just not as good but good enough. That goal will be to generate Currency for aspiring tank drivers which will facilitate their ability to purchase and upgrade their actual tanks of choice. The problem is that while there was three different options in purchasing a Tier 8 gold tanks (Lowe, KV-5, M6A2E1) for the same price, there is now 1 expensive one and two that have remained the same. Most new gold tank buyers will now go with the new best option, the KV-5 at that price range and I suspect very few will pay the extra gold needed for the Lowe.

This very well may be the actual intent of the designers as it allows for a larger variety of gold tanks on the field. Raising the price for the Lowe might actually have been designed to draw customers to its lesser sought brethren in the tier 8 gold group. If this is true then it looks like it will probably generate a lot more sales for the KV-5 and M6A2E1 and will fulfill the developers goal. What I am wondering is will it do it too well. Will the day soon come that we will see battles that are heavily populated by KV-5s instead of Lowes? I think that day is already upon us.

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