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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

World of......

Who doesn't like the idea of jumping in an Iron Horse cruising through the county side of some far off place that you most likely will never visit in person, destroying grass and tree in the hopes of finding some poor unsuspecting sap looking the other way and blowing him back to kingdom come while attempting to capture his home?
I can't think of anyone either....
Now just imagine yourself dropping on from 10,000 feet froma bank of clouds on a strafing run to kill said tank...
Thats just what im hoping will be just part of the fun in a new MMO game from Gaijin Entertainment Corp. you can check out the games web site
This game is proposing to allow a pilot the ability to take the fight from air to both land and sea and will definately get my full preview.
Here are a few screen shots that I thought looks enticing.
As I know more, I will update.
Not to be outdone, World of Tanks publisher has also announced a spin off of the award winning world of tanks game in their release of War Planes. If wargamming makes this up coming flight sim anything like their explosive popular world of tanks, its an automatic winner.
I am looking forward to both titles.

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