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Monday, July 4, 2011

Return to Middle Earth

Continuing my goal of trying out new games I have once again entered the realm of Lord of the Rings Online. I have been here once before when the game was a new release as I gave the game a try over two weeks on a trial account. While I enjoyed the game at the time, I didn't stick with it because of other games that had my attention. This time around I plan on giving it a good try and look forward to exploring what is my favorite Fantasy setting.

I have taken on the roll of a Human Champion this time and have Begun the introduction quests in Archet. The game is much as I remembered it and I am quickly making my way around the opening quests in the town. Being a veteran of other fantasy MMO's I am having an easy time of picking up the commands and progressing my character. I am looking forward to once again brave the lands of Middle Earth and will report back as often as I can to detail my journeys.

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