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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

True Value of a Virtual Tank

            Today Overlord via his World of Tanks blog informed us that the popular German Lowe tank will become more expensive come July 12th. The increase will be from its present amount of 7,500 Gold to a whopping 12,500 Gold. This is apparently due to the fact that the Lowe is much more powerful than its Russian Counterpart the KV-5.

            So let's put this into perspective, The Lowe which is OP by the game makers standard needs to be altered in a way to make it more in line with the KV-5. However they can't justify nerfing the tank for fear of upseting present Lowe owners and for an unstated reason they won't bring the KV-5 up to the Lowes levels. Instead they justify the move by increasing it's cost and have given all players 1 week to make their purchase before the price increase. Here is the tricky part to this thing, the options to purchase gold from are as follows -

25000 Gold for $99.95

12000 Gold for $49.95

6500 Gold for $14.95

1250 Gold for $ 6.95

            What this tells us is that after July 12th, if you wish to purchase this tank you will need to spend more than 50 bucks to get it because the available payment system doesn't allow for enough to pay for the thing with anything less than the 100 dollar option which gives you 25000 gold. You can pay almost 60 bucks to get enough with a 12000 and 1250 Gold purchase but the 50 dollar option for 12000 gold will leave you short. Sounds a bit like raking of the coals to me. Now I have always been for game makers receiving money for their creation, but this one seems a tad bit fishy. 7500 to 12500 is quite a jump in price and conveniently high enough to facilitate extra spending. Needless to say the comments section has been less than positive from players.

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