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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Bree-Land, Tiger II and 1914 Tournament

Been a while since I updated the comings and goings of my online adventuring so I figured I'd indulge in a quick post to get caught up.


I have started playing a little more as the fire of quest running has been relit within. Good thing for me LOTRO is loaded with plenty of quests that have had me running from one edge of the map to the other. So far most of the denizens of Middle Earth seem friendly enough, however I am completely convinced that none of them are capable of doing anything for themselves and if the world suddenly dried up of noble adventurers they would all perish from being incapable of caring for themselves. the Hobbits of Staddle are a particular lazy bunch.

I recently hit level 15 and one of the highlights was reaching the town Bree. Seeing this storied town of Tolkien lore was truly an enjoyable event as I spent quite some time exploring all of its nooks and crannies. Entering the Prancing Pony was especially neat. (Yes I am a card carrying member of the Geekdom nation.) I have also discovered that I have a lot to learn as there is quite a few traits and abilities to understand, as well as crafting has taken some doing.

World of Tanks

I can't really understand why my Tier 8 Tiger II tank is so bad. Statistically it is on par with the rest of my tanks around the 47 percent win rate, but I often find myself being destroyed rather quickly in matches. I don't have this problem with other tanks I use so I don't believe my deaths can all be attributed to my poor play. The gun I am using appears weak as I often have trouble penetrating other tanks in my tier range, including side and rear shots and because I have chosen not to pay for a premium account at this time the tank is a huge credit sink as even on a win I am only making around 1000 credits. It's a shame really as it has soured me on this game somewhat as this was the tank I was looking forward to playing the most.

Supremacy 1914

Just got back into this browser game after an extended break and it appears just in time for the next tournament. the nations I received in the three separate matches are Ottoman Empire, Morocco and Austria-Hungary. Not a bad group of nations to start with so I think I may do well this time and hopefully get out of the first round.

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