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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

STO Going F2P

The time I spent playing Star Trek Online was a mixed bag of fun and Disappointment. On the one hand I really enjoyed the space combat and featured episodes, while the Ground combat and PVP left much to be desired. It was becuase of the problems in the game that I decided to stop playing it as I felt my gaming money could be better spent else where.

Now it appears I don't have to worry about paying if I want to play, as earlier this week Cryptic let it be known that STO was going to a F2P model. I think this is a wise move for them as it should breath new life into the game and allow it to grow more. I am sure I'll be checking back in once the F2P model hits.

Cryptic has posted a website to give some basic details about the new system and from the looks of it the free version will let you do quite alot, just with some limitations. Bag and bank space will be smaller as well as some restrictions on chat, mail and Support.

Either way this is a great chance for those who wanted to try the game out, but didn't want to pay for it.

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