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Thursday, September 1, 2011

WoT Patch 6.7 Notes

World of Tanks 6.6 - 6.7 patch notes:
  • Added new German light tank tier 5: VK2801;
  • Added new Soviet light tanks: T-50 (tier 4) and Т-50-2 (tier 5);
  • Added new American tanks: light tank M24 Chafee (tier 5) and medium tank Sherman Jumbo (M4A3E2) (tier 6);
  • Added Chinese premium medium tank Type 59 (tier 8);
  • Added new map Fishing Bay;
  • Fixed bugs with tanks: T92, PzV Panther, PzV PzIV, Pz38 NA, T-54;
  • Fixed bugs with maps: Steppes, Westfield, Lakeville, Siegfried Line;
  • Slightly increased the suspension capacity of Maus;
  • Changed certain spots in models of damaging of Е-50 and Е-75 tanks: above-track rack, thickness of range-finding device cap;
  • Rebalanced parameters of American SPGs and several SPGs of other tank trees.

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