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Monday, September 12, 2011

Overlord Spills the Beans on World of Tanks Plans

Overlord has released a detailed time table for the major updates to WoT. Included is new tank models, game enhancements and much more. This kind of open door policy with the games players is refreshing and gives alot of insight into the route the are taking in devolping the game.

here is the post.

2012 Mystery Revealed

What to expect in WoT in the near future? A lot of stuff!
We give you the unique opportunity to get hold of World of Tanks release plans for 2011-2012. I'm totally sure most of the plans announced will be accomplished in time thanks to the team of highly-skilled professionals, that currently comprises around 300 people in 3 major offices.
With the development center in Minsk, Belarus, has fully functioning operation office in California, the US, and two forming offices in the EU - in Paris and Berlin.
The main focus of the development team is to introduce new game modes, add more tank models (French are coming soon), new maps (Jungles, anyone?), improve visual effects and the engine itself.
The detailed release plans are given below.

New Game Modes

Company battle divisions: tier 10 max with no overall tier limitation, tiers 8, 6, and 4 max with the respective overall tier limitation. Q4 2011
Assault (one team attacks, the other one defends the base) and Encounter battle (two teams are to capture the base in the center of the map). Q4 2011
Garage battle – players can use several tanks (one after another) in one battle (“limited respawn”). Q1 2012
Escort (only a few tanks from the team have the ability to capture enemy's base, the opposite team is to stop potential invaders). Q1 2012
Historical battle - faction based battles with historically justified restrictions on vehicles and modules available. 2012

New Tanks

medium tank M4A3E2, light tank M24 Q3 2011
tank destroyers M8A1, T49, M18 Hellcat, T28 prototype Q1 2012
heavy tanks M103, T110, tank destroyer T25-2 Q1 2012
Soviet tanks
light tanks T-50, T-50-2 Q3 2011
tank destroyer SU-85 (I) Q4 2011
tank destroyers SU-100M-1, SU-101 (Uralmash-1), SU-122-54 Q4 2011
heavy tanks KV-1, KV-2, KV-4, Т-150, ST 1, Object 252 Q1 2012
German tanks
medium tank Pz IV Hydro Q4 2011
tank destroyers Marder III, Dickermax, Nashorn, Sturer Emil, Jagdpanzer E-100 Q4 2011
SPGs E10, E25, tank destroyer JagdTiger Sd Kfz 185 (88/71) Q2 2012
French tanks
light, medium, and heavy tanks Renault FT, D1, D2, B1, ARL 44, AMX-50 100mm, AMX-50 120mm, Hotchkiss H35, AMX 38, AMX 40, AMX-13/75, AMX-13/90, Chatillon 25t, BDR G1B, AMX M4 1945, AMX-50-68t , AMX-12t , Lorraine 40t Q4 2011
SPGs RenaultBS, Lorraine39 L-AM, AMX-105AM, AMX 13F3AM, Lorraine155-50, Lorraine155-51, Bаt Chatillon155 Q1 2012
tank destroyers FCM 36Pak40, 105 leFH18B2, Panzerjager35R Q1 2012
tank destroyers Renault FT AC, Lorraine 37L-AC, Somua Sau40, S 35CA, ARL V39, AMX AC de120-46, AMX AC de120-48, AMX50 Foch Q1 2012
medium tank Renault G1R, light tank АМХ 13FL11 Q1 2012
British tanks
Q2 2012
Japanese tanks 2012

Ultimate Conquest (Clan Wars)
Fog of war in clan battles Q4 2011
Cooldown period for destroyed vehicles. Q4 2011
Expansion of the global map. The following regions are going to be added in the prescribed order: North America, Africa, South America, Australia, Korea, China, Japan. 2012
Clan treasure transactions. 2012
Clan armoury, clan consumables and tanks. 2012

Performance and Game Client

Packed resources decreasing map loading time. Q4 2011
Pre-caching – optimized vehicle model loading for Low-end PCs. Q4 2011
New firing effects, explosions, and other visual effects will be added gradually. Starting Q4 2011

New Features (Misc)

Vehicle customization: camouflage and horn sounds. Q4 2011
Mini-map customization and new functionality. Q4 2011
Quick in-game violation report system. Q4 2011
New crew skills and perks. Starting Q4 2011
New aсhievements. Q1 2012
Expanded post-battle statistics, also accessible in garage menu. Q1 2012
Realistic vehicle physics. Q1 2012
Extended platoons for up to 5 players. Q1 2012
Improved match-making system Q1 2012
National crew voices (crews of each nation speak their mother tongue) Q1 2012
Battle game tutorial. 2012
Commander’s chart. 2012
Improved chat functionality, official language-based chat subchannels. 2012

  1. Each update will introduce 1-2 new maps.
  2. Maps featuring North American Landscapes are planned for release in Q4 2011, after that the following regions are going to be covered:
- Africa
- South America
- Australia
- China, Korea
- Japan
Maps featuring all regions above are currently in development. The details on maps will be announced upon the release of each particular update.

Notice! Release plans stated above are subject to change. Only the most important features are listed.

By the way, 6.7 update is planned to be released later this week.
Stay with us and you won't miss anything!

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