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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Are you there on day one?

With all the news about the huge amount of players trying to log in to Rift this week, it got me wondering about release days for major titles. I suddenly realized that of all the MMORPG games and their expansions that I have played, I have never been there on day one. I might have joined a couple of days later, but to date I have never experienced what its like on that very first day.
            I have never even bought a World of Warcraft expansion on release day; I have always waited for a couple of days. I know that not wanting to wait in a line or fight to log in has influenced my decision in the past, but I gotta wonder if I’m missing something here. Is the excitement of a new release really worth everything you have to go through? How many of you are day one enthusiasts and how many are like me and just patiently wait for the fervor to calm down?

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