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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Yes I understand you, SWTOR is going to be a Big Place

Watching some SWTOR developer presentation videos from PAX EAST, I noticed a very popular subject they were pushing on the attendees. As he narrated, Writing Director Daniel Erikson found it necessary to point out several times the size of the area as in relation to the people within them and making it a key point of his presentation. Ok I can see the need to express the size of the game world, but it just seemed rather repetitive as if they were desperately trying to win over our hearts and minds with massive worlds.
            I am all for large maps to explore, but unless they are filled with interesting and exciting things to do in them then they are just window dressing to me. Please, please, please Bioware, if you intend to make huge expansive locations for us to visit; don’t forget to add some good stuff to do while we are there.


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