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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Tol Barad, STO Fleet Action, C4 Snipers and More

Hello again readers and thanks for coming back around. In this post I will write about some of the more interesting things I have experienced in my gaming world in recent times. I will make this a regular entry on the blog and try to inform you guys on the better experiences from the games I play.

World of Warcraft

            I finally got into Tol Barad this week. I was so excited as this was only my third chance to see the new PVP zone. I have had nothing but problems getting into this place because of the competitive balancing system in place. (Hmmm sounds like a good future post.) Right now I am only at about a 15 percent successes rate for getting in when I Que. Unfortunately for me my server, Windrunner, has a huge imbalance between Alliance (me) and Horde. In fact the total for the Alliance team in this match hovered between 10-12 players the whole time. I mean lol come on seriously???
            Also I am having problems finding fresh recruits for my newly formed guild. Could this possibly have something to do with the new Guild ranking and Rep system? I tend to think so but I’ll share my thoughts on that one in a future post.

Star Trek Online

            Still having fun playing this game as I learn to play and make my way around the galaxy. I reached the rank of Lt. Commander 5 and joined a rather large fleet as well. Still having some problems with some of the way the game is set up, but I’ll get into that another time as well.
            I got to do some ground based fleet action questing for the first time and I still say this is the true gem of this game. Running around with a handful of other players trying to stop the Klingons plans was very entertaining and is as much fun as the Space fleet actions. The reward of 300+ skill points felt adequate for the time I spent. I really need to write something about STO in general so look for this in a future post.

Supremacy 1914  
            Ok I am aware that most of you right now are scratching your heads on this one. What the heck is Supremacy 1914? Well under the games I’m playing section please click the link and check it out and click here to read my brief write up about the game. Anyways I am presently running 3 different games at the moment, 2 as Great Britton and 1 as Austria-Hungry. So far am doing quite well in all three although one has a peace period of 14 days. I have never done this type of game before and I am finding it quite unusual not being able to attack for so long.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2

            I am trying not to brag, but I must admit that I am killer in some armor. I can normally survive quite awhile when using the engineering kit and can really rack up the kills. My number one nemeses has got to be those loathsome C4 packing snipers that with one click of the mouse button can turn your modern day death rig into a burning scrap pile. I dislike this so much that I often wish they would do away with C4 altogether, but I understand this isn’t going to happen.
             I mean some maps its so out of hand as more than half the player base is running around in Ghillie suits and throwing motion sensors everywhere. Either way if you play this kit most often, just know that there is an angry and vengeful, even downright militant soldier out there gunning for you.

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