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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Introduction to Supremacy 1914

So one day while surfing the internet looking for a casual and easy browser based game to play I came across Supremacy 1914. I was looking for a slow paced simulated combat game with some minor troop and resource management. Lucky for me 1914 fit that bill exactly. In this post I will give a brief, but information filled post on the finer points of this game.

Game Premise

The setting is World War I in the year; yup you guessed it, 1914. You the newest leader of your nation must use the tools available to conquer the world. Depending on the type of game you play the map consists of either Europe along with Western Russia or Europe, Russia and the Americas.

Game Basics 

            The map is determined by the number of players that are allotted for the game. This is either 10 Players (Smaller European Map) or 30 players (Larger map including North America.) The game also has 2 types of matches’ regular and gold round with the biggest difference being the types of weapons available to players. (More on this in a moment)
            Players are given a new territory named after a real world country, Great Britton, Russia, Iceland, ETC. with 10 territories in each. Each territory also has 1 type of resource including grain, fish, steel, wood, coal, oil and gas. Territories also have population and the most important thing to note with them is morale which I will get into later.             
            In the beginning of the game you have only infantry to use, but as the game progresses and depending on the type of game (Regular or Gold) you unlock additional troops to include Artillery, Tanks, rail mounted Artillery, battleships, Submarines, Observation balloons and Airplanes.
            Additionally several improvements can be built in each territory to include recruitment office, barracks, forts, railroads, harbors and factories. Also in gold round games you have the ability to construct Aerodromes for airplanes. Each of these improvements cost a certain level of resources to construct and provide a certain benefit to the player. I won’t go into detail here about what each provides, but I bet you can guess most just by their names.
  Playing the Game

            The game consists of rounds that are broken down into individual days. That’s right each round is one day. That’s one of the better things about this game in that it isn’t rushed; everything takes place in real time. A single game can last for several months if it consists of some good players. For instance it takes 3 days to construct certain buildings. That is 3 real world days to complete construction without the use of speed ups.
            Each player is able to go when ever they want during the course of the game, there is no turn for each player and it’s a constant state game which means when you’re not logged in the game still plays. The goal of each game is to capture territories while protecting your own and the game provides many ways by which to do this.

The Rest of the Game
            The game adds a lot of depth with the inclusion of Diplomacy among players. You are able to set your status from at war to ally-share maps with other countries and each has different levels of influence to the game. Many regular players will tell you that it is almost imperative to be allied with someone in order to win. Although I don’t believe it to be this extreme, I do believe diplomacy is a very important aspect of the game. Players are able to sign treaties, make deals including trading resources, territories and so forth. Also the game includes an Auction house where players can buy or sell resources.        
            The game also includes spies that you can use for several different types of activities. You can place a spy in your own city to capture any spies or place them in enemy territories to carry out missions like sabotage, decrease morale, gather intelligence or steal money.
            As I have mentioned several times in this post citizens and troops have morale which is scaled from 100 to 0. Everything affects morale from having enough resources to distance from the capital. Morale is an important key in this game as an army with better morale can win quite handedly against one with less. Low citizen morale may cause them to revolt, killing troops or even declaring the territory for a neighboring country.
            One final note is the use of Goldmarks which allow you to get an advantage in game by increasing moral, speed up production and so forth. You are given a set amount of Goldmarks the first time you play the game, but need to earn more beyond that. This can be accomplished by either purchasing them for real money or by voting for the game on certain rank sites. Keep in mind that it is quite possible to play this game without ever having to use Goldmarks which for me is important to the games overall Likeability.

            Well that’s it for now if you have any questions just leave me a comment and I will do my best to answer them. It is an easy to play and fun game and I hope you take some time to check it out. I plan to write up a simple beginners guide for this game in the near future so check back and also let me know what you think of the game if you decide to try it out.

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