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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I want my Bounty Hunter, but not that way

To say I am a fan of Boba Fett is like saying that Kashyyyk has a few trees. I mean has there ever been a cooler more intimidating character in all of Star Wars, Ok Darth Vader is cool, but he still isn’t as cool as Boba Fett. Armor plated, jet pack using, gadget boy is the Batman of the Star Wars universe. In a galaxy filled with force users wielding light sticks and to be a normal human and still strike fear in all who meet him speaks volumes about his ability and notoriety.
            Now when I heard about SWTOR coming out and saw the very first trailer featuring a one man, er woman army causing havoc, well let’s just says I was hooked that day and signed up on the official site. The recent release of a bounty hunter themed vid has only restocked the desire to be one with this game. There was no doubt that I would be playing this game from day one, not only for the inclusion of Bounty Hunters but because I am a Star Wars fan.
            Now here is my dilemma and to me it is no small problem to have. If you hadn’t guessed by now I want a bounty hunter as my main character in this game, I need to be a bounty hunter. The problem is I don’t want to play on the sith side. Sith to me symbolize, at least in this game the “bad guys”. Not to say that there isn’t some appealing sides to being Skeletor (yes I did just date myself.) or any other classic evil guy, but if I am a bounty hunter I don’t want that path chosen for me.
            Now some will present the argument that in the history of Star Wars, Bounty Hunters have always aided the Empire and or similar types of labeled bad guys and this is the very problem that I have with continuing this trend in SWTOR. A true bounty hunter cares not what your political motives are or why you want something done, they only care in how much you will pay them to complete said task. Come to think of it that sounds a lot like a Smuggler just with illegal goods instead of people.
            So in dividing up the neutral classes in this game BioWare has decided which of the less scrupulous characters are good and which are bad. Oh and don’t give me any of that Lighter bad guy, Darker good guy stuff that is used as being able to choose your path, the truth is I will have to take orders from the baddies if I go with a bounty hunter.
            I think this is where BioWares story driven experience may be getting in the way by preventing the creation of a true neutral class who can choose sides because it would require another set of quests, NPCs and story lines which in this game appear to be quite a lot of work. I just feel that they have missed the boat here in creating a true neutral story line and character class that has eluded every other game in the MMORPG scene. I bet a lot of people would have jumped at the chance to create a character that at the beginning was neutral but then chooses a side to be on.
            Will this keep me from playing the most anticipated game to come out in some time? Absolutely not, in fact I am still just as excited about this game as everyone else. I honestly don’t know what I am going to do when it comes to my first character and I will probably debate this issue until release day. I so want to be a bounty hunter, but I may be forced to relegate them to the “other character I play on another server” and this makes me a sad puppy indeed.

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